Turning cool white into Neutral or warm white

Is there any way to do that using a filter or a sticky film that can be pasted onto the lens? Where can I buy those? How is the result? Is it as good as the real neutral/warm LED? Would it damage the coating on AR lens?

Dedoming will make the color warmer, but at a slight loss of lumens but an increased lux.

As said, de-doming will warmen up emitters. HOW-TO

You can also use color filters. Photography strobist (flash) people often use them.
Examples in link.
As you can see, output will decrease a lot depending on how much you warm up the beam.


Buy the real deal if you want good color rendition combined with a nice color and good output.
The LED database in my signature could help you on finding the emitters you desire.

When that is said, de-doming CW emitters s a free and easy way of making emitters less cool (which will also increase throw).

Filters work but are less efficient than a dedicated neutral/warm LED; a filter simply blocks certain wavelengths of light whereas the added phosphor at the LED converts that into additional light at the desirable wavelength.

A long time ago, I saw someone had made a “lens” that had some type of phosphor infused to it. It looked like it was made out of some type of plastic. It created a very nice diffuse light. Seems like a good way to put some of those cold emitters to some use. Probably more for home and interior auto lighting. Guess it could be good for an indoor flashlight.

I don’t know the name of the product or company he bought it from. I don’t remember what forum I read it in. Some time, I need to search for it. If it’s cheap enough, I would like to have some on hand.

Lee filters has color correction for LED:

(Note transmission loss.)

Conversion filters here give more choice and range.

I used them for outdoor deck lighting to get rid of the ghostly effect of 6500K. They are only driven to 1 watt (X4 XP-G) and I’m not concerned about light loss in this application; just want a warm comfortable glow. 1/2 to 3/4 orange is what I used.

Did a quick search. There are several remote phosphor products out there. Some have 90 min CRI when combined with royal blue led light. Supposed to be 30% more efficient than conventional led lighting designs and create no glare light with uniform coloring and no tint shifts over time. I need to get some of this stuff.

I don’t know anything yet. Here are a couple links:


A sheet of this stuff is about $8 would be enough to make nine 40mm lenses and give 4000 CCT and 80 CRI light:


Just my first hit. Probably better deals out there.