Two Emitter Flashlight

Its interesting how the only valid combinations for number is LED emitters in flashlights is:

1—Most common
3—Used in FW3A and many others
4—Used in every quad (D4, D4S, etc.)
5+ Used in multi LED lights as in MF01, MF01S, etc

The only LED emitter quantity number that really does not work (and I think we all know why) is 2.

If mean that weird Vokka light, yeah.

A better thought out design is Boroiut D25 and WurkoH20, and while it’s technically 4 emitters IF25 works fine with just 2 (tint ramping). I know there’s many others.

> The only LED emitter quantity number that really does not work (and I think we all know why) is 2.

does not work why?

Here are a few two LED lights I found by searching:

Fenix LD50
Sunwayman D40C
LED Lenser 880095 X14
Nitecore TIP SE Dual
Nitecore TIP2
Mecarmy PS14

I meant a flashlight as in handheld. The headlamp works with two emitters because its always horizontal .

You are technically correct. The implementation of those lights is weird at best as you are forced to hold the light a certain way.

I think you will agree, probably less than 0.001 of one percent of the lights out there have two emitters. Its a true odd ball.

I am not sure how they look like, but here are 2 lights with 2 leds each: Mecarmy PS14 and Amutorch AX3

There’s always that one weird Amutorch that was available as either two-emitter with reflectors, or a weird quad (spaced wide, and with aspheric lens)

thanks thats the one I was looking for

pic is a link

You must only mean 1 special case of 2 emitters. Do you mean when there are 2 identical side by side emitters? Because there are a whole lot of lights with a pair of different emitters.

1 white and 1 aux color is pretty common. So is 1 flood and 1 throw. Often an emitters points forward while the other is an anglehead so the light can be both. Having a pair of emitters greatly increases the flexibility of the flashlight and it is pretty popular.

I meant primary not aux.

Also most of the lights mentioned are two single emitters in one unit.

I had to make this one myself. :partying_face:

See where you’re going and where you’ve been—simultaneously! And at the same time!

Yes, it works! The battery carriers are back to back and insulated from each other.

Lupine makes a couple side-by-side models. Hide your wallet.

Not space-efficient.

1 emitter, you can size the head/reflector up/down as you want.

3, 4, others, you size the head up/down, and stuff the LEDs regularly in a circle.

5 would be wasteful (quincunx shape) unless the center LED’s reflector/lens is reeeeeally small.

2 is by necessity a 2:1 rectangle. If you stick ’em in a circular head, there’s wasted blank space above/below the side-by-side LEDs.

Unless you want to buy a 2-emitter light at the Darth Mall.

Only reasonable 2-emitter light would be with 2 cells side-by-side as well. And those are all weirdo designs, so it’s not surprising it’s rare.

Good points, LB, and you taught me a new word! :slight_smile:

So, from Algebra 101, we can conclude if A=B and B=C then A must equal C no?

Similarly , if LB taught you, then who taught LB? Its a mystery . LOL

If you go back far enough, you will find a caveman holding what seems like a flashlight. On it will read “Ever Light Bringer Edy.”


That would be two single emitter lights in one.

In a pinch, I would “palm” a headlamp, so youse can use a D25 like that.

The Darth Mall.

I think that’s your best one yet.

I chuckled, and I don’t even like Star Track.