Two for the price of none GIVEAWAY ***We have a Winner - Post 3 Helios-***

Howdy all,

Seeing as I’ve been a member here for over two years and have yet to reach 500 posts I figure my 1,000 post giveaway is a long way off. Might be a good idea to practice a bit so I get it right when the time comes.

So up for the lucky winner is not one but two lights.

First, a Matchmod MicroMag, single mode with an SSC P7 and OP Mag reflector, 14500 only. If I remember correctly it draws about 1.8A on a fresh cell.
Second, an UltraFire WF 602C, Direct Drive with a De-Domed XM-L2 (around 3C tint) and OP reflector. It was an experiment in Direct Drive, draws around 3.0A with an AW IMR 16340, may work with a CR123 but I’m not sure.

Please remember, these lights were built by an amateur (Me).

Oh yea, we need some rules.

  • CONUS only, for cost and simplicity reasons
  • Open to all members registered prior to 2/22/14
  • One entry per person please
  • I’ll pick the winner via Sunday evening or Monday when I have the time
  • I reserve the right to add, delete, modify or otherwise change the rules at any time
  • The decision of the judges will be final

Good Luck!

Winner is #3, Helios-. PM me with your address.


I’m in, thanks itinifni.

Thanks for the giveaway, Itinifni! :)

I'm in!

Thanks Itinifni.

I’m in, thank you! :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m in. THANK YOU.

Thanks, count me in too.

That MiniMag! I’m (not) in. :smiley:


I’m in. Thanks

Count me in on this.

Thanks for this giveaway!

Nice prizes! Count me in please. (conus address)

Great giveaway, I’m in!

Count me in, thanks.

I’m in


Hey O!

I’m in like Flint

Awesome giveaway! In on this please!

Count me in!

Count me in, thanks!