Two Great Lights Have Been Dethroned Today, by their Little Siblings

I just received a very highly anticipated package from ChicagoX. :D So on to what was inside...

First, my septuple XM-L module with wires soldered to the contact board and to the star board itself. All that was left to do was apply some AA and solder the contact board to the heatsink. That was quickly finished and I installed it in a L2 host along with an AW IMR battery.

An amazing soldering job by ChiX.

So what light did it beat you ask? My TR-J18! In my integrating bathroom, the TR-J18 clocked a measly 278 lux (DRY got 259); this monster however managed 421 lux... I tried to measure the current but it maxed out my DMM, so current draw is more than 11 amps (where my DMM usually trips). My personal guesstimate is around 17 amps. As for beamshots, I plan on getting all of these lights out this weekend (along with my Vinz triple XM-L) for some beamshots.

On to the other thing in the package. Some of you may remember that I recently got a Flydragon aspheric, this thing has a 3 inch diameter aspherical lens in it. It currently runs off of a 3P pack of NCR18650B direct driving an XM-L2 U2 mounted on a sinkpad attacked to a very large aluminum heatsink. It beat my X6 in throw, for reference here a beamshot of my X6 is at 350 yards.

This thing is a good bit brighter than my X6, I would say approximately 230kcd if I had to guess. Again, I have not measured this yet and I will try to do it at some point. Here some build pictures are to hold you off.

Original heatsink on the left, new one on the right.

ChicagoX is an amazing machinist and all of his work on these things is impeccable. I am truly amazed and I recommend him 100%. PilotPTK desgined these boards which allowed me to actually make this as I have no idea how to do that, and MRsDNF machined the 7 XM-L copper heatsink for me. Thanks to everyone who helped with this!!! Beamshots will be in the next post once they are taken.

Ok, so here the beamshots are. :D Nothing at a longer range yet though.

First the Vinz triple XM-L. It is a very floody light, but still not as floody as the septuple XM-L.

On to the TR-J18 which has been creamed.

And then finally, the septuple XM-L. This thing is a monster flooder, and the camera does not capture all of the flood.

Now the throwers (at the same location due to time constraints/it being really cold out). First the former champion, the X6.

Then the Flydragon.

Chicago does awesome work!!


sounds cool but the battery will last all of what, 2 minutes?

And what switch is going to handle 17 amps? Don’t get me wrong, I made enough noise reading this thread my 13 year old had to come check out your new toy!

Well done scaru. The beasts live. Do you want a helper doing beam shots?

This was indeed a good set up by ChicagoX. The location and position of the parts are well made.

Haha… scaru, you crack me up. I can’t believe that circuit board didn’t burst into flames :slight_smile: I really wasn’t sure the traces would hold up - I had no room for them since the entire PCB is covered in XM-L pads :slight_smile:


is it dark yet ?

Impressive! :exmark:

Give him a little time… and the small traces are probably limiting the current/heat to below the thermonuclear ignition temperature.

Awesome work, design and machining

I'm glad you like the results, scaru - that PilotPTK 7-up board is a work of art !

Awesome work Chicago X and PPtk! Great little monster you have there scaru.
There’s just one problem; 7x3A = 21A. You’re 4A short. Gotta work on that J)

It will never be dark again. Is it possible to parallel DMM’s and add the currents measured?

I'm not so sure that it will never be dark again. Neuclear power stations run out of plutonium (or whatever they use) eventually.

Can’t wait to check out the pics on my computer.
That J18 needs to be modded for 21A to the leds to make it a real beast with a bit longer run time than the P60FH. Not that it could really handle the heat.

Oh, by the way… P60 From Hell :evil:

Yeah, I should get a minute or two of runtime. The only question is whether the battery runs out or the switch dies first. :P

So far so good...

Yes, I'm aware of my huge failure; I plan on trying to find something to measure more current to make sure I'm not there and if I'm not I will find a way. :Evil: