I went round to a relative's house while they were away to pick up the mail, water the plants and just check everything was ok.

"Don't forget to check the fruit and veg in the garden. Help yourself."

However, it was dark by the time I got there.

"Heh, heh" thinks me I'll just get the torch out, the SS C3 that never leaves my side, except of course I left it at home. The only lighting i had was a 99p fauxton on my keyfob. Still managed to get some tomatoes though!

And the moral of this story is the best torch you have is the one that's with you.

Learn from my mistakes, fellow BLFers.


the best torch you have is the one that's with you.



I would hazard a guess that most of the members of this board have at least 2 or 3 lights within 10 feet of them at this very moment .

Remember any light will do, does not have to be the brightest or biggest one in your collection. Use what you have and it will serve you well.

That's very true - it's just that I turned an EDC into an EDLIAT - "Everyday left it at home".

What part of Essex are you from, vas? I lived in Saffron Walden for a few years back in the early 80's. Loved it.

Basically any light you have when the power goes out i have found will do, it helps me shine my way to the bigger lights i have. lol At least you had something on you, i can remember days where i loaned my light to a co worker and suddenly the power goes out, not a good thing when your on a Hi-Low.

I'll just put a xtar keychain light i've got when i ordered the xtar 2600's in my wallet. http://www.ledfiretorches.co.uk/xtar-keychain-light-blue.html I seem to forget my other lights all the time. This lil' keychain light lights up a room enough to navigate through. My smallest decent light is a 2xAA generic cree light, maybe i should buy a 1x11/14500 but it should be really cheap and still bright. Don't know what the best choice would be.

I like to use rcr's in my light....and when hurricane irene came through i had my dinner table ready with all my lights and batts.....recharged all my nimh and liths over the week to be prepared. And my luck since i was prepared this time the power did not go out at all, spent most of my time online or playing games lol.

Amen to that. I have had several occasions where I have found myself without a torch and needed it. Which is extra frustrating because I have so many and always make sure to have one around. Couldn't have said it any better. My Maratac SS AAA has come in so handy so many times.

Here's a tip... if you carry an EDC in a belt holster you will likely never forget it. I do, and since I wear a belt everyday I always remember to put my light holster on the belt. So I have 350 lumens on my belt at all times. Also keep a Xeno E03 in my pocket at all times. Then my cell phone has a flashlight app with three modes (actually decently bright). So basically I have three lights on me at all times.

More often than not, I've needed a torch when I wasn't carrying it, hehe, especially for moments that would have been great to demonstrate to the unenlightened why your hobby is not just a pointless exercise!

Last night was at a wedding ballroom, setting up WiFi/netbook/projector for my Live Projection. They dimmed the lights to a really low level, couldn't see a thing as it was somewhat bright before that. Switched on my current EDC the UF-2100 attached to my keys and i believe the battery is fresh so like 2.7A, the ballroom was pretty cold at 18 deg C so it's all good. Shit i could bounce the light off the ceiling which is some 25 feet tall and see everything.

I think the DRY 3 x XM-L would have been fun.

I am usually edc-ing two or three lights minimum. Even my xtar keyring light is better than nothing.

I like the xtar keyring a lot, basic ok, but gives more than enough light in most cases (searching for keys, keyhole,...) I got 2 for free with 2 pair of xtars i ordered from serena :). 1 free one is on it's way from this thread https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/3750

the xtar's are great. Amazing amount of light. I wish they would sell them. They are brighter than some I bought from dx.

Hi VFMaddict, PM sent.

Ye the problem is they cost like 2-3$ when you want to buy them seperate. But getting a free one from that link is nice too.

I carry a D10 on my belt in a holster of course and one bigger light on my backpack with the sheath attached to a loop via carrabiner clip.......and extra cells in the inside pocket of my pack.

Or within a couple of orders of magnitude of that - and no, I don't own any fractional flashlights.

Chargers would be trickier though.