Tyson vs Paul fight July 20 2024

Know it is just over 2 months away but just wondering if we have any boxing fans here and what you think and will you get/watch the fight?

Personally have never done pay for view at home but did attend a Tyson fight at a movie theater before home pay per view was possible.
Was put on by HBO, kinda where they got their start up money I believe.

Anyway, one way or another I have to see this bout live.
Pretty much think that I am in the majority who want to see Jake Paul shut up.
The guy is pretty strong for a chowder head but that is where it ends.

Sooo, WhaddaYaathink BLF?

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It’s going to be on Netflix

Im a fan of boxing. I train MMA myself. As much as i want Tyson to win with his peek a boo style, he is getting older and Paul has 2 decades worth of youth on him and is a formidable boxer. Ill tell you what though, he knows how to grab an audience.

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If they let Mike loose, it’s coloring books for Christmas for Jake Paul.

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Yeah, I know it’s Netflix, but is it extra bucks besides for special event?
They were never clear on that.

I love boxing, especially heavyweight boxing.
I plan to watch the match, though probably not on the day of the match.
I hope Mike Tyson wins, but I don’t know if he actually will. :boxing_glove:

By the way, Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tyson Fury, 12 rounds, for the undisputed heavyweight championship, on May 18th 2024 should be good, too.

How much is the Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight on Netflix?

Mike Tyson Jake Paul Netflix fight: Promoters offer $2 ...

4 days ago

Netflix will make the bout available to all subscribers at no cost as the streaming giant continues its push into sports. Tyson and Paul are expected to make eight figures, Bidarian said. “We’re hoping that this becomes the most viewed streaming event in sports in the U.S.,” he added.

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Excellent, may as well re subscribe early.
keep hearing about some other shows they have so why not.

I’m not into boxing anymore since a rigged jury made Floyd Patterson loose a fight he dominated from A to Z.
But I sure hope Tyson has one magnificent punch left in him that will make Jake !@#$%^& to eat his meals through a straw for the next half year.

Never had interest in boxing. Don’t care. But this match… oh boy, I want Tyson not just to win but to humiliate Paul.

No. it’s included in regular programming. Edit: I see RC beat me to it. I never was a fan of Tyson but for this one I hope he wins.

My money is on Mike Tyson.
One good punch from Mike and Jake Paul will be out cold maybe to never wake up again.

I don’t see how this fight is a good idea for Paul. If Tyson looses, everyone will just say, “Big deal, you beat up an old man. Tyson would have thrashed you in his prime.” And if he loses, he’s just confirmed Tyson is the GOAT to Tyson fans, and everyone else will think he threw.

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I don’t see any way Paul doesn’t get knocked out. Tyson, even in his 50’s, has a knockout punch. Paul has not seen anything like what Tyson has.

I don’t know anything about boxing so it’s hard for me to imagine that the 30 year age gap wouldn’t matter at all. Mike can’t be as fast or durable as he was in his prime. If Paul is quick enough not to get clocked in the face right away, he might be able to damage the older man enough to pull out a win. But those are just my completely uneducated thoughts on it. I haven’t been watching the training videos either.

20 million dollars good.

True, true. I just assumed a dip**** like Paul probably cared more about his “brand.” Maybe he needs to fund bad spending habits or something.

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Mike can hit me for 20 mil :grinning:

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You’re on the money for a good strategy that has worked before, that is how Iron Mike suffered his first loss in Japan to Buster Douglas.
In that fight Tyson was the younger man but had way more known power and was feared . Douglas stayed with him even after a knockdown and came back to score the major upset. Saw that fight in a country bar and the place erupted when Tyson hit the deck and was ruled KO’ed.
Here is details;

On the other side of the coin, here is how the older fighter came to provide a great upset despite being just shy of 20 years older.
George Forman stayed with the much younger man Michael Moorer and hung around till the 10th round and then lured him into a trap and then pounced like a Cat.

Both fights are thrilling.
Watch them and you may find yourself becoming a Boxing fan.

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I’ll check out the videos later. :beer: