U.S. Based Convoy S21E - ANDURIL - Available NOW

Happy June ya’ll!!

I just got a shipment of Convoy S21E in from Simon.
U.S Based. Priority Shipping Available.
Also FREE shipping option.


Supply truly is limited at the moment.
There is no 519a yet.
Simon said the driver is not done yet.

Here is what there is though.

S21E SST40 - 6500
S21E SST40 - 5000
S21E SFT40 - 6500

Also have a bunch of T3s in all the colors

Even some Copper T3s left (limited)

Illuminated Metal Tail Switches for the S2+ ( New Colors) Including RGB (slow fade, non controllable.)

S2+ in a bunch of color temps

and lastly

Some Classic S21E units

Wuben 20% OFF - code WUBBY20

These deals are only for us here and Reddit.

If that is something you are looking for.

Happy Summer and many thanks!

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End of the month deals can be found here!


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(2nd Marketing post of the month)


Morning yall,

I just wanted to help get the weekend started right.

Per usual I got some deals I wanted to share.

There are new Convoy lights in stock including:

S21e Anduril SFT40

T3 Nichia 519A (all the host colors)

S2+ in 519A - 5700K

S2+ Colors - just got in RED

S2+ UV Nichia 365nm (ZWB2 Filter included and installed)

S2+ Holsters

S2+ Clips are back

First 10x people that buy a Convoy light - use code HOLSTER @ check out and get a FREE S2+ Holster

Code: WUBBY15 - 15% OFF any Wuben Product.

Wuben L1 w/ Nichia 519 will be in stock SHORTLY (shipped from the US). Sign up for email if you want to know as soon as they are in stock

25% OFF a Black Wuben X0 with the purchase of a White one. (these lights are super cool and I feel like they dont get enough love) X0 is my current EDC (cant combine with other Wuben codes)

20% OFF the Wuben X1 Falcon. This light is insane for the size! (auto applied at check out)

Wuben X3 will be in stock as soon as wholesale orders begin to ship (the launch date has been pushed back a bit)

Code: OLIGHT15 for 15% OFF anything OLIGHT. I know they run better deals than this all the time. I can’t match them. Their deals are often lower than my wholesale price (probably will not continue to stock once sold out.)

FREE shipping over $50

A word about pricing and Convoy in particular. This website and venture is just me. There is no corp, its just me and my credit cards. :slight_smile:

Margins on lights are very thin.

I promised since launch that I would be transparent about anything and everything that I can.

I know we look at other Convoy pricing and see that mine is a few dollars more. You are paying the difference for the convenience of US stock and shipping, along with support of not even a small business, a micro one. :slight_smile:

I am trying to keep Convoy pricing as budget friendly as possible; you can still get a killer light for under $25.

When I purchase wholesale. I have to pay for shipping and I have to pay import duty, and then all the selling fees on the back end. Including shipping when it is free.

This raises my cost to very close to the retail cost of other pricing.

Currently I “profit” less that $10 off of Convoy, and when I throw in some goodies like a free holster or my time to dedome or a ZWB2 filter installed on the S2+ UV and free shipping it is even less than that. If we factor in my time, travel, gas etc to pack and ship…you see where this is going.

I am 100% NOT complaining. As I said I am just trying to remain as transparent with the community (That I am also a consumer and part of)

With all that said I hope you understand and decide to shop with me.

I am thinking about starting to stock Convoy C8+ next. Thoughts?

Thank you once more for you continued help and support.

If you have any questions or want to chat, just hit me up. I’m usually available.

Reddit post here:

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