U.S. made P60 style host in 20700/21700

Here is a pair of our TLSA9 Series headed out the door…. Copper seems to be the metal of the month here!!!

Here are some TLSA9 engines with glow gaskets installed…. 3 of the XML-HI in each one… Go to the site and take a look.


Thanks TL, those are some really nice lights!

confirmed, Texans like bright torches!

TL, will the TLSA9 Mechanics head be available to purchase as a part? Also, are the TLSA9 parts compatible with the p60 parts?

Yup I asked too. Would really cool if more people made SureFire C format compatible parts I think…

I asked TL in a PM and he indicated that the threads and thicknesses differ from Surefire C format :frowning:

Hmmm, perhaps TL or some other machinist would be able/willing to make an adapter/collar, if that’s even possible?

only 20700…?

I would really like an L2P, but bored for the 21700 cell. A P Flex Pro L2P with his advanced driver is already the perfect EDC light for me.