Uber cheap small AA lights

Here recently I’ve been repairing some old concrete drilling equipment, and I’ve gotten tired of using my olight S10 with my hands covered in 30 year old burned up grease. It gets old washing it every day, missing a spot, and then ruining a pair of pants with a big grease spot.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need some small lights to keep around the shop, super cheap so I don’t have to worry about digging them out of a 5-gallon bucket of shmoo.
I love the S10 for EDC, but the brightness is a little overkill for up close work. Something with near 200 lumens on high and a a lower mode or two would be good. AAs preferably (Id Like to stick to NiMH so I don’t have to worry about adding Li-Ion cells to the aforementioned shmoo bucket :bigsmile: ). I can swap emitters and mod drivers if that helps.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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Under $10, 1x AA/ AAA/ 10440/ 14500 flashlight reference

are you looking for single AA lights?

Have you thought of using a headlight? or is that too much trouble?

you can just keep it on your head at all times. of course, if you dont mind. It probably looks a little odd, but it might be another idea

If your your work pants have a slim pocket for it,go for a 2AA.
It will be easier to pick up and handle with those greasy hands.
Thou I like the Sk68,they are not the easiest to clean with a rag.
200 lm is hard to match with uber cheap,lower it to 120 lm?
Hugsby XP-12 ?

Edit; Probably wrong emitter but cheap,may match description or picture? :wink:

Head lamps make for awesome working lights, IMO.

I had thought about a headlamp, but then id have to have greasy hands in my hair potentially-not a good idea. 200 was just a reference 120 lumens is not too far off optically. I’d think that would be plenty of light.

I do like the idea of 2*AA lights. You are absolutely right that they are easier to hold on to when things get slippery.

what about the $2.99 Super Light AA on the auction site?

hmm, can’t find it again… I have about 10 of them. Was rec’ed on one of the longer thread…

This was the item:


that might be an idea as well. I think a Twist might be better than a click.

The switch will collect quite a bit of dirt. And I feel like those twisties are more water-proof than cheap clickies.

I love these little lights! I have quite a few of them and they are easy to change out the emitter to a better tint. I have drilled out the reflector and put a xml in and that makes a nice flooder. If they just had a magnetic hold it would be awesome

I would recommend not getting an SK68 or any zoomie for that matter.

If you’re concerned about dropping your light in a bucket of gunk you should get a watertight light. Cheap zoomies aren’t waterproof due to the need to equalize air pressure when the zoom mechanism is cycled.

Look for a cheap light with a fixed focus and a reflector or TIR, not an aspheric lens.

Maybe the KD buckle if you want a good cheap twisty. They are 4.5 bucks or so in silver, red, blue. I like the colors to keep them separate for tasks. Red would be my dirty work, gray is edc, and blue is the 10440. The tail is a nice and strong attachment point


it’s $4.99 now:


Oops, OP requested AA, not AAA.