UF-1405 Build??

I recently purchased this host. I planned on running a XP-E2 with this light, but since it requires 2 batteries stacked, won’t this push too much voltage to that particular emitter? Probably should have ordered an UF-1504 host, but too late now. Also, I had an idea of maybe running a Noctigon 3X MCPCB. Anyone have any experience with running multiple LED’s with an aspheric lens set up? Sorry, kind of stupid questions, just trying to figure out how to make this work.

I would put a dedomed XPG2 on noctigon with a buck driver from MTNectronics. You can choose 1A all the way to 6Amps with whatever mode/UI setup you desire.

I wouldn't do a triple. It makes 3 separate hotspots, and just doesn't really work. There are a few threads on this somewhere on BLF.

You could also get a buck driver for your XPE2, but it can only handle ~2.5A. So you would get mediocre performance compared to an xpg2 at 4A+.

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe ill just push it aside and purchase uf-1504 host where to much voltage wont be a concern. Some day, ill purchase a zener board and maybe run a MT-G2 in it.

Mtg2 with zener fet driver is what I would do with that host. I did a 1504 with xpl/fet and it was running around 6A, insane throw. You'll have to use a file or something to turn down the backside of the lip of the pill for the best focus, the pill needs to screw in a hair further than the stock placement, it's the only way to get the LED further from the lens.

I put a MT-G2 in my 1504, and just upgraded it to a Mtn fet dd. This thing throws a ton of light!

I also have a 1405 DD with a XP-G2 in it, it throws further and the hot spot is a lot brighter but the hotspot is tiny.

The MT-G2 makes much more useful light at night by lighting up a bigger area.

You can always get a ax2002 driver for a couple of bucks. Easy to set output to 1500mA.

So that driver can take 6v, but you can run an led in the 3v range?

Buck Drivers:


I only ever used fet drivers. Guess i should get familiar with buck drivers.

Using the XP-E2 in the 1405 may prove disappointing, the output in flood is very underwhelming, and the spot may not be as bright as you'd expect. With very small light sources the less than perfect imaging of the lens will not get all the light nicely in the imaged hotspot. With larger sources like the XP-X2 or XP-l/XM-L the larger hotspot will be less critical, some spreading of the light will still largely remain located inside the hotspot.

If they made a XM-L in a color led, I would. To my knowledge, the XP-E2 is the best color emitter out there……unless anyone knows of better?

I think you are right, unless you want to spend a lot of money on a SST-90 red emitter.

These are available but have a positive ground. Led is not square but rectangular 4x3. Lot of builds and similar to a dedomed sst90 in power. Google a few. $14 one


These big leds will throw less far than a XP-E2, but the big fat hotspot probably feels very satisfying :bigsmile:

Ill try the XP-E2 and see what happens. If anything, it will turn into a failure like my hs-802 build. :~

Yes. heres a review from HKJ