Just thought I would relate what I’ve been working on.

I have had an Ultrafire 502B host kicking around the shop for probably a year, just haven’t got around to doing anything with it. Well I thought maybe it was time I build myself something since nearly every light I’ve made has been sold to someone. Luckily we have a lathe where I work, so I decided I’d try to learn how to use it. I bored out the head where the drop-in would normally go to expose the bare aluminum for better heat transfer. I had a small piece of aluminum rod which I turned down to fit inside the head. After much sweating and lots of work and filing and sanding and polishing, my new pill was complete. I arctic silvered a dedomed XML-2 U4 to the pill, driven by one of MTN Electronics’ 17mm FET drivers, using Guppy firmware. The pill was pretty much a press fit into the head but I added some Arctic Alumina to concrete it in there. Thermal transfer is VERY fast. On a fully charged cell, the head heats up to uncomfortable in about 2 minutes.

Also added a copper braid to the tail cap.

The most interesting thing about this light is that I decided to utilize a Carclo TIR I had lying around and forego a reflector. I must say, I am quite pleased at the result. I don’t remember anymore how many degrees the beam pattern is, but it’s pretty floody, which is fine. Beam is as smooth as butter with a large hotspot.

I really like the P60 size and the look of some of the hosts out there but I don’t like dropins much because there’s not much thermal tranfser going on between the dropin and the head.

Here it is:

These threads I had to de-anodize to create electrical contact between the head and tube. Also had to the same to the inside threads on the head.

Here is the emitter on the pill. Notice all the AA :slight_smile:

I just used the retaining ring for the glass to hold the optic in place.

See the phosphor? :slight_smile:

A good day to all, Kelsey

Nice inexpensive host to try out mod ideas.

But it’s sure a slippery slope to more and more bux……

Thanks for sharing the nice build!

Aside from a few GB’s I buy cheap hosts and expensive parts. Even then the BLF ti is the most expensive. By the time I’m done it’s a different matter but I start out budget. :wink:

Just as an update, I found a Carclo narrow degree clear lens in my stuff, I think it was a 26.5 mm unless it was a 30mm- anyway the diameter was a little bit too big so I filed the lip down around it and fit it in there, it totally turned this light into a monster.

Seriously this thing rivals a C8 with that optic. Definitely glad I found it, and if I want a flood, I can go back to using the frosted TIR.