UF-H3 headlamp from DD

Hello, here we finally get the UF-H3 headlamp now. The lowest price i have applied for the members here is $25.39

If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate, just leave your comment here to show your interest, then we will give you a coupon code to place order soon.


This is the lowest price we can offer now, and please just forget UF-H2 , and just pay attention to this one. We will have limited coupon codes for the customers this time, if you are interested in this, please hurry up!

Attention: the 18650 batteries suit for it.


Hello, everyone, here the coupon comes, coupon code BLFUFH3, only 30 times can be used per day, if you can not place the order with it successfully, then just wait to the next day. And i am sorry, the coupon is 32% off, so the price with the discount is $25.42, the system did not allow me to make a cash coupon on this, so i can only make this discount coupon, so it is $0.03 more than the price i told you before. But i think this is not a big problem for you.


Please let me know the order NO. after you place the order. thanks

Summer, is $28 really the best deal you can do on this light? The UF-H2 was nearly half that price (around $16-$17) when you offered the buy on it and everywhere else the UF-H2 and UF-H3 sell for the same price. I can buy either model at Manafont for $32 any day of the year. KaiDomain sells it regularly for under $30. I was really expecting you to be able to offer this light for around $20...$23 at most. Please let us know if this is really the best you can offer.

i am sorry, the $28 is the best we can offer now. And i will add a tracking NO. to each order. I do know the H2 one is the best deal, but we did lose a lot at that time. For this H3 one, we have tried our best to get it, and $28 is without any profit but with a little loss in it. And we will promise the quality is guaranteed.Cool

Summer can you give a coupon code for 25% and y flashlight over $30?

i am sorry, we cannot. we can only give coupon codes to special product.

I take one

I wish the price was lower... but I'll still get one.

Yeah, me too. I'm in for one as well though.

So, am I correct in assuming that the H3 will come in a box and not in bubblewrap like some H2s from the earlier group buy?

That price is still lower than I have seen anywhere else!


I agree that it's too expensive for a group buy.

(1) Those who haven't got the UF-H2 from previous groupbuy would probably get this. Those who has the UF-H2 would probably not get this as the functionality/LED is the same, just that this is more useful with a 18650 (2) So to push those over the fence (UF-H2 owners), why not drop to like 25 and push those over as well?
(3) At $25 I am sure you'd get 10-20% more orders from group 1 new buyers.

Hi Summer. is this the "D" version? Should be marked on the tail cap.

I had an Uf-H3D fro mmanafont (sold recently to some1 who does not take no for answer) and was aesthetically different (minor difference) than this one.

Over 25$ is a deal breaker for me. I had high hopes!

would have bought...but the price is not right..appreciate the effort though summer...cheers for the future!

it is good flashlight, but for a group buy 28$ is a little bit pricey

I’ll pass on this one. Thanks for the offer Summer.

If I may make an observation... At the current price point, you are obviously missing out on a lot of sales from people who would otherwise want one. At the same time, if you can't make a lower price happen, that's just the way it is. So, that's where we are.

In order to turn this into a win-win for everyone, why not offer another small (to facilitate shipping) and popular flashlight to push those of us over the edge who are hesitating? My vote would go to the Fenix E01. I've wanted one since Dsoto87 posted his excellent review here and Amazon has them for 12 bucks and change and it's currently listed on your website at $14.39.

If you sell both, you obviously save on shipping, packaging material, labor, etc. Now, if you could sweeten the deal by beating Amazon and sell both lights for, say, $38 you might have a winner, at least in my humble opinion. Anyway, just throwing it out there... :)

Never mind. See below.

I'm in

Price is a little high.

ok, i will try again to see whether i can apply a better price for you.