UF H6, alternative headlamp for ZL H600

ultrafire uf-h6. This product is listed in the official ultrafire shop website. But its not updated in the ultrafire website.At half the price of h600, it looks promising with 4 modes rather than the usual ramping with the other uf-h series.



Cool! Thanks for sharing! I wonder what the current draw is like and therefore runtime.


That description is weird:

  • stable the light on steel surface
  • Tail Switch

First should mean that there is a magnet in the tailcap, great.

Tail switch wouldnt work with magnet, so I guess that thing at the head is a button.

Finally a UF XML light.. with reflector. Thats nice. 53$ with shipping.. nice find.

And it looks better than the original.

If 800lumens is true, high should be around 2A+.

That’s a good looking light! Looking forward to some in depth info on it.

niiice, looks very promising , but didn’t find anything else about H6 on google…

You better hope thats its parasicit drain is nowhere near that of UF-H2 :D!

How much is that? You know how much it is for the H3?

I dont know the numbers but rumor has it that its two-three weeks to drain your Ni-Mh empty.

Inquiry sent to website about whether the light is in stock or if the July 4 date is in error.

Anybody every ordered something from their website?

Jumping on this with both feet.

Was about to order this:


and take the bracket off for headlamp use.


looks good…if they got rid of the ramping and had good PWM then the lights would be great…the uf-h2 I have hardly gets used because of these downfalls…when I do use it it’s on high and it works great…I just use it as a 1 mode light…

UF U18b might be an alternative for spark ST6 500.Similar in term of outlook.it does not seems to come with headband and holder in the package. If the spec on the weight is correct, at 222g without battery, it will be considerably heavier compare to st6 at 150g ( with battery n headband) to be use as a headlamp.N its seem also to use ramping method to change brightness.

The website already responded back.

They confirmed it was in stock and would ship in 2-3 days.

Dangit, when’s pay day again?

Looks good! Any info of the modes?

Did anyone already order this? Review coming "soon"?

now at manafont:UF-H6

uhu! It’s here , maybe we could do a group buy…

Welcome to the club, nofire!


It looks like theres no easy way to access the emitter and driver in the photos provided by manafont.

Thanks, nofire. updated the link to the first post.

Group buy with MF? I really doubt that..

It is available at manafont, I am tempted hehe.


looks decent…if it’s 1/4 as good as the h600 then it’s worth having…love my h600 and use it everyday…