UFO or Satellite?

It could have been one of those new fangled LEP lights reflecting off the clouds. :smiley:


How to see Starlink satellites in the sky? - YouTube it is a long line of starlink satellites. The video above shows you how to download and work a satellite tracking app. There are much better videos on YouTube of the starlink satellites when they have used such an app and have the camera set up on a tripod to catch a really nice view of them.

Okay, which BLF member is messing with us?
Or is it a member from the other forum?

It is likely that Charles bridge tech did not know what he was looking at when he posted that YouTube video. Multiple comments have told him that it is starlink satellites and he keeps responding that “they were below the clouds” as if he doesn’t believe it was satellites. So he should change the label of his YouTube videos and zoulas should change the title of this thread also.

well, could they have been below these clouds?
anyway…they are Starlink. we have seen them for years.
Noctilucent cloud - Wikipedia.

UFO and satellite are not mutually exclusive terms. By definition it’s a UFO if you can’t tell what it is, and it’s in the air (seemingly unsupported). Ducks can be UFOs, planes can be UFOs, aliens in flying saucers (if you believe in such things) can all be UFOs until someone identifies them. Once they’re identified, an alien space ship or a duck is no longer a UFO.

Although you are correct, I think when most people hear the word UFO they think of a flying saucer with little green men at the controls.

Having grown up in southern New Mexico, USA when I hear the word UFO it makes me think of Roswell and a nearby ranch, and Area 51 on the old airbase there.


True… :white_check_mark:

Also the term UFO is being slowly replaced with the term UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) it seems.

Whatever they are, I’m sure they’ll all get positively glowing reviews…

Charles should run a TV show. He has the ability to make a fool of himself without being embarrassed. We’re brothers in spirit, CB :+1: .

lol :person_facepalming:

What would you do if you pointed an MF05 at the objects and you you saw little green men waving back at you.

UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)

Well, in that case they would be identified little green men and no longer unidentified. I guess that makes them IFO’s.

Wow, Amazing. Let’s see how it looks on the Tree of Life…
Please ignore the PWM flicker. Nothing to see there…

Keep those probes warm….
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