Ugly Wall Beam Shots

Got my new Palight and Manafont/Ultrafire XM-L drop-in today so, of course some new Ugly Wall beam shots are in order. In addition to the XM-L/Palight main event, tonight's undercard includes a few of my dust covered Mags. These were all incans originally (except the Mini Mag) that now have lame 1 and 3 watt LEDs I got at Fry's.

Like the last Ugly Wall event, all shots were taken with a 1/4 second shutter speed @ f2.8 and the cactus in the corner is 55 feet away. It is 9:30 pm here in Las Vegas in my back yard and unlike last time, there is no moon. All except the Mags are using Solarforce 18650s. The Mags are using Rayovac NiMH.

First, the control shot.

For a comparison we'll start with my Solarforce L2 fitted (temporarily) with a Seoul Semiconductor P7. (and my cat "Ted" in the peripheral)

Next up, we'll use the same L2 using a Solrforce single mode XM-L.

Now (drum roll) my much loved Solarforce L2P packin' the new Manafont/Ultrafire XM-L/T6 3-mode on high.

Now the Palight with its Cree XP-G/R5 along with Ted again, walking through the frame.

The tighter hot spot of the Palight made me think including the Solarforce Skyline I (XR-E WC R2) might be interesting.

Now, just for fun, let's have a look at how we used to arm ourselves at night. This is a Mini Mag LED. (2 AA)

Mag 2C with some kind of lame 3 watt LED.

Mag 3C with a 1 watt (I think) LED.

Mag 8D (6D with a 2 cell extension) with a 3 watt LED. (and Ted)

This last one is an Everready Captain, circa 1965. I got it on eBay for $5 and discovered that one of my lame 3 watt LEDs dropped right into where the bulb used to go with no modification at all. Hard to tell here but this chrome can is now a really great household flashlight. Total Captain/LED investment: $15.

Some concluding thoughts:

I purchased the Manafont XM-L drop-in because of a great collection of beam shots that Don did and I have not been disappointed here this evening. I expected it to be slightly brighter than the Solarforce XM-L but what I like even better is that the tint is not as green. It has the same awesome fat hot spot that I like but the color seems much better to my eyes.

The Palight reminds me that an XP-G torch is inferior to nothing. I hope to write a quick review tomorrow on what so far, looks like a very nice flashlight. Thanks for watching.


Those are great looking beam shots there "greatlookingbeamshotsFoy".

Great shots and great Ted.


possible url to Palight?

I originally ordered a silver one but Jim at Manfont e-mailed me saying they were out. I could either wait or just go with black.


quite well throws

Really great shot! I'm really impressed by the Solarforce L2P with Manafont/Ultrafire XM-L/T6!

So am I, Davx and I love the UI. It has three modes with memory so with a reverse clicky you hit it then, soft tap one, two or three for less power. Turn it off at any level and it turns on at the same brightness.


ReallyuglycolorbeamofthatSFXML For sure camera color is exagerated, but still... That Skyline is a pure thrower :O

Yes Sashi, that's what I think too. I knew there was a green tint but I never thought it was that green until I put it next the Manafont. I even tried to talk myself into it being "warm." But it's not warm - it's green. Funny too because the single mode SF XM-Ls were $4 more than the 3 mode Manafont drop-in. Ah well, whatareyougonnado.


Nice beamshots, Foy. But why the disdain for the mini-mag (haters gunna hate..)?

Also, am I the only one who is intrigued by that 8D!!! Maglite? I never knew they made an extension. Oh, the possibilities...


where and what bulb led did u use for the 8d maglite, i cant find a dropin 12 volt led anywhere

It's a Luxeon Rebel TFFC. Not sure where I got it but it is intended to be used with 6 cells. I've used it with 8 numerous times without incident but I don't remember leaving the light on longer than about 2 or 3 minutes.


humm ok, will search it out