UK/EU sale: Thrunite TN30

Brand new NEUTRAL WHITE Thrunite TN30. Bought it from their website. Catch and release basically. Costs £160 new in UK so you’re getting a bargain!

I paid for UK import tax so I would like £110 including UK delivery. EU delivery please PM.

Thanks for looking!



whats up.

You might have a problem while THrunite are selling the TN30 for $159 (with a guarantee). Maybe their price will go back up (maybe not) - if it does you shouldn’t have a problem. Have a bumpon me :slight_smile:

Thanks Woody, but the buyer also has to realise I paid about £40 in import VAT and customs tax. And im including delivery with the sale.

Oh, I think it’s a good deal, and wish you well. I got hit with VAT for my similarly sized K40 (think it’s the pretty aluminium boxes that gets their attention) :slight_smile:

Still here! £108

I have a question

why these flashlights so expensive ?

You think this is expensive? This is the heavily discounted price. Thrunite had these on sale until recently for $240 plus tax, plus duty, plus administration fee. If I wanted to buy one from a UK dealer, it would set me back £190 - £108 is a very good price.

I mean original price… $240+

Thanks for that, mate! If it doesn’t sell, I dont mind keeping it.

People can suggest some swaps. Im generally interested in good branded triple XML lights


I cant beleive you havent been snowed under with takers at that price.The light is a bargain.I know thers been a deal by Thrunite on the website,but thers would have some hidden costs like duty,handling fees to add to the cost and a long wait for thers.Along with a chance it may get lost,damaged or worse its D.O.A…Buying yours would not attract any worries.I realy like my TN30,Its a proper piece of quality kit.Iam tempted to buy yours also.


Cheers for the plug mate! :slight_smile:

Go on then, PM me :smiley: