Ultimate EDC? Customized Olight S10; "Oh Light!"

What does one get when they combine a nice host like the Olight S10, with some additional parts, like R,G,B, and UV LEDs, and a custom driver with a very unique user interface? For me, it was a dream light. Amazing how all that can fit in a tiny little host only 2.7” long. This is the 2nd light I have acquired from Everett, who goes by ‘tterev3’ here on our budget light forum. I want to add that Everett’s genius for electronics is really exceeded by his character, humility, and patience. Here is a link to Everett’s blog and other projects for those interested (highly technical): http://tterev3.blogspot.com/

This light runs off of one CR123 or RCR123 cell. Here are a few pictures of the light:

(showing the LEDs: RGB are XQ-E; W is XB-H; UV is Luxeon )

the light comes with a fairly strong magnetic tailcap and a nice clip. All that fluffy stuff aside, the heart of this unique light, and the fun, is the custom driver and firmware! It is programmable, 12 different modes one can program through the side switch. Besides these extra 12 programmable features, this light has all the modes one would ever need. Press the switch and the light comes on. Hold down the switch and the brightness ramps, pausing at HIGH and LOW before reversing. Double click from off gets you to MAX HIGH. All modes have momentary! From on, a triple click will get you to the strobes, where the strobe speed can be ramped from 0.25-60Hz, take your pick, incredible! Another sequence of clicks gets you to the UV mode, yes UV! If you figure out what you can do with UV, please let ME know. All I know is that it is like a blacklight and makes things glow (fluoresce). A click click press of the switch gets you to those color LEDs and their modes, these can be fun, and practical. One feature I like is click click click press gets you into the battery check mode, which measures the voltage and reports it in blinks back to you. One of the programmable modes I like is the ‘red beacon’. When finished programming this, when the light is in the off position it will blink red every 4 seconds so you can locate it. And I like that you can program a lock-out mode so that next time the light is shut off it will be locked out, only to be turned back on by a triple click of the switch. I cannot go into every feature of this incredible light. It took me a couple of days to get familiar with the user interface. Here is a video of Everett demonstrating the UI. While there is an Olight S10 on the table, he is using a Novatac host for the demonstration.


Of course this light is not for everybody. Some like simple. Some like bright. Some dislike strobes. I happen to like a lot of modes, programs, gimmicks, etc. On this light, it’s all there if you need it. Or if you just simply want high, med, and low, you can certainly use this light like that. Very adaptable. But when you bring out the colored beacons, or the UV, be prepared for someone to exclaim HUH???

I usually buy a light and get tired of it right away, setting it aside. That has not happened with this one. This is a keeper for me! It’s fun and it’s functional! If I can answer any questions you might have, please ask , or PM Everett or myself. Hope you enjoyed the OH LITE!


I like this ! :slight_smile: i would certainly buy on if he made more to sell.

Wow. Just wow. If he’s willing to do a short production run of these, I’m sure a fair number people would love one.

If he’s only willing to make one or two, then the line forms behind me.

That’s quite nice little light. :slight_smile:

Awesome…not sure who found him first…I saw his light and not sure if I invited him here or if someone else did but the guy is a giant…and I am glad he has joined our community…he is a brilliant designer!

I would just like to add that Everett is the most amazing guy to work with! In acquiring (2) lights from him, we had almost daily e-mail contact for 2 weeks. I know next to nothing about electronics and his knowledge to me is off the charts. Still, he was so patient with me. I had so many questions. He was so accommodating. The first light I received from him I traded one of my lights. I asked how we do the transaction? He said I’ll just send it to you and when you get it, send me yours! Is that trusting? He offers me lifetime tech support :slight_smile: Just saying he stands behind his offerings. If you want, check out his threads in our forum and see how ‘far’ he goes with people! And he offered up his source code free. Perhaps the nicest person I have done business with. And the (2) lights I received are TOP QUALITY!

just sharing this….

Nice, I’ll tell you one thing I could use the UV for and that would be finding leaks in automotive air conditioning systems. I’m running low on bandwidth so I didn’t watch the video.
I don’t see the max lumens output in white. Was it in the video?

It looks amazing. How much did it set you back if may be so bold to ask. And why didn’t you do the Ti version ? :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks fantastic. Very desirable little light (I'm not going to ask about the cost of having it build ).

A question: the Luxeon UV-led, is that one of the new LuxeonZ-UV leds at 380nm , or is it another one?

Just one thing worries me (I tried putting several leds behind one small reflector before), the beam of the center (white) led should be fine, but the other 4 leds being so far off-center, combined with a small smooth reflector: those beams must be very weird, and when colour-blending the colours do not at all overlap. Or is it better than I think?

I’d use a diffuser cap or diffuser lens, then you won’t have that problem.

Uv light and red in the same little package, that’s awesome.
Uv is good for finding out where your pet pukes or pees in the house, you can also see scorpions better as they fluoresce in uv light

I've no idea how I would ever use all the features of this light but man that is one impressive driver/build!

I managed to master my Predator (with cheat sheet handy) but all this with only ONE button - genius!

I don't need it but I'd sure be interested if he ever offers to make a batch of lights similar to the Novatac in the video.

Just watched the video and wow, that’s an awesome light mod.

I think I’m in love :wink:

Hi Hi-Beam. The UV LED is fun, I have no practical application for it however. Amazing what it lights up in my apt.

The white LED is a Cree XB-H : http://www.cree.com/News-and-Events/Cree-News/Press-Releases/2014/March/~/link.aspx?\_id=720033193E7F4E10A987E1DB5BA1596B&\_z=z

Drive current is 1.5A and lumen output is 250

Hope u get a chance to watch the video. I believe Everett will be posting an updated UI video soon as several modes have been added since that video was done.

I’ll defer to Everett to address pricing :wink:

Hi djozz. The Luxeon UV LED is rated at 400nm

Hopefully Everett will step in here soon and address some of these issues. I’m just a layperson, an enduser, if u will. Yes, there are better beam patterns out there, understandably. The white is fine, as u mentioned. I may clean it up a bit with some DC Fix diffuser film. I really do not find an issue with the color LEDs in my applications as I mainly use the colors in ‘beacon’ mode. Everett has some preprogrammed color patterns in there, kind of interesting, but not useful. He would have removed them if I had desired that. I said ‘leave em in.’ While the white modes are all addressable via different switch clicks and presses, the colors must be cycled through, so the fewer the better I think. On my other light from him, a custom Romisen RC-C6, there are something like 26 modes! Try cycling thru all those!
Any technical questions, give a PM to Everett


wow what an awesome light

Very cool. Looks like a bit of a learning curve, but lots of functionality. Interested in pricing.

+1 :slight_smile:

Wow. And I thought the Nitecore CU6 was cool. This totally blows it away. The last light I saw with anywhere near this many features was the old EternaLight ErgoXRay, which was shaped sort of like a Star Trek phaser and had three buttons to control it. That was way back when PWM on a light was a new thing.

That ramping strobe is especially interesting. Is it the sort of strobe which freezes objects in place, or is it a tactical style strobe with a longer duty cycle? (true strobe is usually like a 2% duty cycle, tactical strobe is usually more like 50%)

I love the color-changing modes too. I have a LED bulb at my desk which continuously cycles through colors, and I love it. It’d be even better in something portable.

As for UV, it’s particularly handy for cleaning, since it shows things which would normally be invisible. I’m not sure a 400nm UV light would work though; generally 365nm is needed to get a really good effect. Also handy for seeing hidden marks on money and passports and such.

An earlier comment mentioned modding a titanium S10 this way… ZOMG. Now I totally want to send Everett a polished titanium S10 and beg him to take my money to mod it for me. I mean, I’ve been gradually doing longer and harder mods lately, and am about to get into firmware, but what he’s doing is light years ahead. For something this cool, I’d make an exception to my pseudo-rule about not getting any new lights (only improving lights I already have).