Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest

Triple pad LED? Are they high power? Maybe they would be suitable for flashlight use?

Though spectrum looks worse than the COBs. For bulbs, what advantage do they have?

It is for plants. Real power is 1.2w. Size is 3.5×3.5mm. You can solder it on standart cree star.

Also they will do COB with the same spectrum 19×19mm 14w.

Also this leds can be used for eyes. It is universal. For plants (additional light) and for eyes. It is the reason why I will do bulbs on it.

I will call it SunLike PLUS, after that will be StarLike (it is a sicret now)

Weak. But if it overdrives well it might be a feasible E21A alternative….


Can you measure max.temp of back surface of these lamps ?
for example, at open air at room temp, and , may be, in some ceiling lamp.

Pardon me if this has been posted already but i just found these:


Found the best “Candelabra” I’ve seen yet:

60-Watt Equivalent B11 Dimmable ENERGY STAR Clear Glass Filament Vintage Edison LED Light Bulb Bright White

CCT 2990.3
CRI 92.3
Duv 0.0007
R9 59.5
Rf 87.8
Rg 95.1
R12 80.2

It’s a glass filament style bulb and dims down to what I estimate to be only a few percent. It honestly looks like incandescent low dimming, crazy.

Also tested a Feit 4ft tube light from Costco.

Meh, better than GE in all aspects including price but still looking for good high CRI one that isn’t crazy expensive.

CCT 3848
CRI 83.7
Duv 0.0018
R9 15.9
Rf 82.7
Rg 94.9
R12 61.4

Are these “vintage Edison” style LED bulbs as efficient as COB or SMD style emitters?

100lm/W probably about right for 90CRI. There is a ton of phosphor so I imagine it makes up for lack of efficiency

Great, thanks. I saw some for sale at my local Shoprite. Just $0.99 for 60w ones, but non-dimmable.

As far as I can tell the biggest difference in them is that they probably emit more light towards the base of the bulb so for certain fixtures designed for incandescent where you want the bulb to light up the entire fixture/shade they probably work better than the usual “front loaded” LED replacement bulbs.

Hi guys,

Just a heads-up of another possible entry: our local LIDL had a bunch of different Livarnolux led bulbs manufactured by OWIM Gmbh advertised as Ra>=97 at 2700K for 6.99CHF (about 7$) for a pair. I bought 3 sets of 60W equivalent bulbs (810lm) model 312396_1904 (on owim.de website) with 9.5W consumption (not very good efficiency at 85lm/W). Unfortunately I don’t have any measuring equipment.

Some pics:

As you can see, it’s the usual plastic base with likely bad dissipation, but it does get quite hot during operation.

@fneuf, I just noticed your OP says (with french?) CRI_Grade is somehow related to the “à la energy efficiency norm”? that you linked. This is really confusing. CRI_Grade should not be explained with a comparison to energy efficiency. How about this:

  • “CRI_Grade” is an initiative to Grade lights based on their color rendering, but with extra significance given to the weakest areas of modern LED technology.

If someone want, there is REMEZ review from me (rus language)

there is some photos:

e14 5w & 7w and E27 7w works with 110-120v with ~1% pulse (measured by RADEX LUPIN)
E27 9w with 110-120v pulsed on ~25%
all of these works with 80-100v, but throbbing about 50%
in 9W there is 3.3uf, I upgraded it to 4.7uf, and now it works with 110-120v with ~1% pulse

If someone want to buy some REMEZ bulbs with international shipping ($6 for any order) or find out the price, you can do it HERE

Tests of all types SMD3030 SinLike 6v with diffuser from GX53 + mixing + SunLikePLUS spectrum (growing and healthy for eyes) + cheap FAKE white LEDs + LED TV

reserve source

Ukraine post is back from their 2 month holiday

I have a couple more coming to replace the hyperikon bulbs in my office

All of those sunlike emitters look super impressive on paper. Do any of them look significantly better to your eye? At Rf+Rg = >195 , is tint and CCT the only perceivable difference? I’m really curious if the SunLikePlus has any noticeable effect in the real world?

It’s your custom lamps ?

It’s a SunLike10x (now called SunLike9)

I’m not expecting them to look any better than the hyperikon bulbs they are replacing (those already look very pleasing to my eye). I’m mainly getting them because they should last a lot longer and should be healthier for my eyes in the long term.

Fake “white” VS SunLikePLUS