Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest

If anyone else has a collection of Hyperikon bulbs waiting to be sent for warranty, you may as well toss them. The company apparently ceased operations and had a clearance sale last year, then filed for bankruptcy in April.

Has anyone tried the Satco high CRI bulbs? They're fairly inexpensive but don't know how good they are. They run the whole gamut but here is a typical one we would buy.


Is there anything with similar quality to Sunlike now that Sunlike is gone for awhile?

There’s the GE “Filled With Sun” range that uses blue spike-less emitters. CRI is very high, but it isn’t as serviceable. I also don’t know what the flicker is like. The color temperature offerings are also really limited; 2700K and 5000K are the only two options.

Bocian makes bulbs that are just as good. He tended to prefer more efficient COBs that were still very high CRI but now he moved to Bridgelux Thrive which is the same class as sunlike.

His most powerful bulbs are 14W though, far less than that from Sunlike.

I bought the Opple Light Master,

it told me the flicker of the Home Depot bulb I bought, and also of the Waveform bulbs I bought… The Waveform have less flicker.

I eliminated the Phillips hue Gen 1, when I saw the results…

the Home depot bulbs arent bad, but a bit low in CRI… the Waveform is better

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some data from the Opple:
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Ecosmart soft white from home depot 60 watt 800 lumen
3200k 84 cri

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2900K 96 cri waveform photograde

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Phillips Hue

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LED vs Incandescent:

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I bought both the 3000K photo grade, and the 2700K filament bulb from Waveform, I like them

Darksucks sells a similar filament bulb, for a higher price…

more info and data in the Opple thread

if you arent under the boot of a landleech, strips are best, since the led heat isn’t on driver.

I don’t think there is any way I can install such strips without getting a $500+ charge or pissing off the HUD inspector, gotta love entitled land leeches and the free mortgage they get.

We switched to mostly Satco in our office and they’re pretty solid. For these bulbs they are marginally better constructed than most of this style that are in stores, but they still fail and heat is the culprit most of the time. In an open air fixture it’s not a concern even if it’s dusty. We’ve usually had the higher wattage models in standard CRI but did have two of the high-CRI - unfortunately those were both in frosted glass fixtures so I can’t really comment on rendering. Those two eventually both died after I think 3-/2 and 4 years or thereabouts. We’ve used a lot more of their PAR track bulbs and those are ok, not stellar, but the price is right and the shortcomings aren’t really noticed by anyone other than a little glare in some locations.

They do stand behind their warranty, though, which is great. There’s no guarantee you’ll receive the same product as a replacement, however, since they have recently changed things up a bit…with the newer models they seem a little cheaper and they also dropped the max temp rating for some. But I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of their products. (come to think of it, I’ve also used a couple of their halogen tube shop light bulbs which were well made and lasted their rated time, and we did their higher wattage CFL bulbs for awhile, too, which were great, but we used more from TCP just based on supplier availability at the time.)

Dear All,

As Sleep Coach I’m new at this forum and interested in light systems which mimic the natural light during the day and seasons to calibrate the awake-sleep-rhythm on a daily basis. This to help my clients in their homes to reset their disturbed biological rhythm and improve their sleeping.
I noticed you interest is in the same area.
Ideally, I’m looking for a light being applicable for Europe for a reasonable price which includes a 10.000 lux full spectrum white light to wake people up and at lower lux being adjustable in full spectrum (smart) light in the range of 2700 K to 6500 K, including high score for the less familiar CRI, meaning R9, R12 etc.
Additionally, light that mimic campfire is of great important as this will allow the synthesis of melatonin when used during the night.
Looking at several fabricates I’m puzzled and have the impression that the adjustable colours look nice but miss the quality to mimic natural light in the full spectrum.
I realize I’m not a technician and probably expecting too much at this stage, but I’m interested in your thoughts and advice.

Txs Johannes

you might find useful products by searching for SAD Lights:
(Seasonally Affective Disorder)

here is one result:

please try to narrow your question down to a couple of choices, after you do your preliminary research

I will be curious to see what you find.

fwiw, Phillips Hue has the ability to turn on the lights on a schedule, at the color of your choice…

I used it to wake me up… I had Red light come on at a low level, then it would increase in brightness and get cooler 15 minutes later. 15 min after that the lights became bright and daylight white… Which consistently made me want to get out of bed.

I discarded the Hue because of excessive Flicker. I dont know if the newer models have less Flicker, but the system is feature rich and customizable. I dont know the R9 value… but I agree it is important… a lot of LEDs have poor R9…

please share the results of your research

Txs, I’m looking into your suggestion later this week.

Does Bocian have a website?

Nope. He is a member here, so you may contact him this way, though he doesn’t post much and I’m not sure if he visits this place often.
He has a subforum on a Polish flashlight forum and typically sells there. Put swiatelka.eu - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema swiatelka. in your favourite translator to see his wares.

I’ve had a hard time finding candelabra bulbs with high TM-30 and/or R9. It seems like there’s Bedtime Bulb (which basically cuts out blue light, and I don’t think I want that) and basically no one else right now. Am I missing something? Why is this so hard to find?

It’s been ~11 months now but i’m still happy with these from Home Depot: Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest - #340 by contactcr

I bought spares at the time since I felt like it was such a good find… No guarantee what is on the shelf now is the same but I would look for that ID number = 1004 310 011

—all those bulbs with yellow filaments visible, seem way too yellow and warm, to me


This is 3000K like a Halogen bulb. The Edison shape bulbs tend to be that orange color but the new glass ones like this are all tints. They also cast a more 360 degree beam so work better in some fixtures.

Decorative filament LEDs tend to be very very warm. But many makers offer them in cool as well.

BTW, I bought many LED bulbs recently. 26 just for the living room. 3 different Lidl models with CRI98. All 2700K on paper, though I clearly see that some are cooler than that.
Other than this I have no gripes.
Not the ultimate….but at this price point they are hard to beat.

Has anyone here measured the GE Sun Filled LEDs? According to this evaluation (Evaluating Household Bulbs for Cinema Use by Kenny McMillan - ProVideo Coalition), the 2700K has Rf 95 and the 5000K has Rf 98. And here (GE Lighting introduces ‘sun filled’ LED A21 and BR30 replacement lamps (UPDATED) | LEDs Magazine) they say it uses SunLike LEDs.
I just bought a house and was planning to change all the bulbs with ones from Waveform, but these are about 1/3rd the price. I hope the electronics/heatsink are good enough.