Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest

Nope. He is a member here, so you may contact him this way, though he doesn’t post much and I’m not sure if he visits this place often.
He has a subforum on a Polish flashlight forum and typically sells there. Put swiatelka.eu - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema swiatelka. in your favourite translator to see his wares.

I’ve had a hard time finding candelabra bulbs with high TM-30 and/or R9. It seems like there’s Bedtime Bulb (which basically cuts out blue light, and I don’t think I want that) and basically no one else right now. Am I missing something? Why is this so hard to find?

It’s been ~11 months now but i’m still happy with these from Home Depot: Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest - #340 by contactcr

I bought spares at the time since I felt like it was such a good find… No guarantee what is on the shelf now is the same but I would look for that ID number = 1004 310 011

—all those bulbs with yellow filaments visible, seem way too yellow and warm, to me


This is 3000K like a Halogen bulb. The Edison shape bulbs tend to be that orange color but the new glass ones like this are all tints. They also cast a more 360 degree beam so work better in some fixtures.

Decorative filament LEDs tend to be very very warm. But many makers offer them in cool as well.

BTW, I bought many LED bulbs recently. 26 just for the living room. 3 different Lidl models with CRI98. All 2700K on paper, though I clearly see that some are cooler than that.
Other than this I have no gripes.
Not the ultimate….but at this price point they are hard to beat.

Has anyone here measured the GE Sun Filled LEDs? According to this evaluation (Evaluating Household Bulbs for Cinema Use by Kenny McMillan - ProVideo Coalition), the 2700K has Rf 95 and the 5000K has Rf 98. And here (GE Lighting introduces ‘sun filled’ LED A21 and BR30 replacement lamps (UPDATED) | LEDs Magazine) they say it uses SunLike LEDs.
I just bought a house and was planning to change all the bulbs with ones from Waveform, but these are about 1/3rd the price. I hope the electronics/heatsink are good enough.

I used the Cutter SSK-1560ZGE-50299NIC in my bedroom, it is beautiful (optisolis 5000k+a touch of 2000k). I’m using a Meanwell XLG-25-AB as the driver. I slapped it on 1 inch aluminium square tubing and at 25W the delta temp rise is 14C.

Hope this helps someone out there!

you might want to buy an Opple Light Master.. it really helped me choose the LED lights in my house…

here is a discussion thread about the Opple

What I found is that the 3000k Photo Grade lights from Waveform have very nice tint, and less flicker than the cheaper bulbs I find at Home Depot.

I like being able to compare flicker and Tint, using a meter, instead of just my eyes.

Thanks for the suggestion. That reminds me that I have an old X-Rite ColorMunki Display that I haven’t used in a LONG time. I wonder if that could be used?

There are at least 4 different LED bulb threads atm…

but few of the posters actually measures anything and lots of the posters dont care about CRI, nor do they care about flicker.

for those that care about CRI and Flicker, I suggest buying an Opple Light Master, they are on sale atm. Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

I didn't see these mentioned yet, but I found these NorbSmile bulbs on Amazon, in a configuration many of us like. 4000K, 96 CRI, 800 lumens. If anyone with the proper equipment wants to test these, please let us all know!



good info
fwiw, one is 5400K, the other is 4000K, and they cost $20 each.

If you buy one, let us know how you like it. I use 3000K flicker free, photo grade form Waveform

They cost $18… with great color quality. and no green tint.

I use Waveform bulbs everywhere too. I wasn't going to buy those NorbSmile ones at first, but now that I re-read the info, I see they are dimmable. That might be useful for someone who needs it.

good point… dimming seems useful… I have not developed that option, yet…

I messaged Sunlike today and he wanted me to post here that he and his son are okay and have been granted asylum in Norway. He hopes to begin making bulbs again later this year.

That’s great news!

Sunlike LED, and 11-12w power in typical E27 case.
Yes, will wait for tests,
but in other lamps 11-12w in same case will produce >100C on led board’s.
Sunlike LED’s has noticeable (slighltly more, than other led) color shift, when heat is more, that recommended max., +105C .

Haven’t been here in a while, but I have bought some new lightbulbs recently and I measured them all. I never see a lot of actual measurements for “common” LED bulbs in North America, so maybe some people would find this useful.

I recently bought and measured
Soraa Vivid 12W 3000K BR30 (65W equivalent)
PLT 9W 3000K BR30
90+ Lighting 9W 3000K BR30

Feit Enhance 90+ A21 (100W equivalent) - from Costco
Euri 17W 3000K A21 (100W equivalent)

90+ Lighting 3000K A19 (60W equivalent)

And some cheapies from Walmart / Lowes (heh, yeah, they’re pretty bad)

I put the graphs and charts here if anyone want to check it out

The summary is
Soraa is Amazing (as to be expected from their price tags)
both the PLT and 90+ BR30’s are quite good, but no where close to Soraa

The Costco Feit Enhance might be “CRI Cheating” (see it’s spectrum plot - it definitely has some unique anomolies)
The other A19/A21 bulbs are pretty good, but not great.

I also have some Philips 100W eq I just picked up - but I didn’t notice they’re “daylight” 5000K and that’s way too blue for me for inside. I’ll still test them to see about CRI and whatnot (and use them outside where I care less)

I’ve also ordered some Philips Warm Glow (variable CCT - gets warmer as you dim them) and will measure those too when they arrive. It seems they’ve been discontinued now, so while it was always on my list to get some as I slowly transition everything to LEDs, it became a priority (and I kind of bought quantity with 3 or 4 replacements in mind too as who knows if there will be other dim to warm bulbs available that aren’t “smart cloud connected” soon - yes, I watched the Technology Connections video, and then spent way too much money buying bulbs that are about to be not available anymore)

I was kinda holding out for Sun-Like to get their act together, but when more than half the bulbs in my kitchen died and I couldn’t see anything, i just can’t wait anymore for “the best” led bulbs. I guess Soraa’s will have to do