Ultrafire 12x Cree T6 13k lumens?

I just got this baby in, powered it up and it exceeded every expectation I had for it. It is very, VERY, V-E-R-Y bright.

My purpose for the light is rather short duration (1-2 minutes or less) illuminating large indoor and outdoor open areas. Think warehouses, stadium and parking garage type areas. I can also use it for when / if the local PD does yet another training exercise at night over my house in a helicopter for an hour. The single VERY bright light will persuade them to move along a bit faster than my two lights with 3 T6’s :slight_smile:

Unlike other multi T6 lights I own this one distributes light (as expected) wider as each of the 12 LED’s are in separately focused and polished reflectors.

A concern voiced about this bright a light was heat generation. After six minutes (much more than the max I expect to run it at) it got barely warm to the touch on the lamp housing heat sink

It’s 1 lb 13 oz with three Ultrafire 18650 protected batteries. It works with 2 or 3 18650’s (with provided spacers) It can also be a formidable defense weapon as its well made with aircraft grade aluminum throughout.

The ability to set and keep it on only one setting (of the 5) is a blessing. I have absolutely no use for anything over a few hundred lumens to have more than one mode, its brightest. I absolutely HATE thumbing through useless modes to get back to the one I use.

At $73 (delivered from Asia to Florida in 11 days) it’s not cheap, but it’s not expensive either for what it can do. Does anyone else here have one?

PS, I’m waiting for a 7 T6 light to come in, it should be an interesting week.

Well the Trustfire TR-J18 came in and now I have two most very excellent lights. This version has 7 LED’s and was just $52 delivered to Florida. Features are identical other than the number of LED’s.

Very surprisingly, this one takes a back seat to no light. Its claimed brightness is nearly equal to the 12x Ultrafire model in the center of the light pattern, but the beam is more focused while the 12x model casts a much wider beam. It came with a very usable black nylon belt “holster”.

The hot light issue is also not a concern. After 6 minutes it was barely warm to the touch. I’m not sure how well it would be suited to a long need like changing a tire, but for sure it’s too bright for that anyway.

For my money at $21 cheaper it will serve my purposes very well with the exception of outdoor spaces where the wider beam of the Ultrafire may be a bit more usable.

If you want a nearly perfect retina burner, this is a VERY good light.

If the light is not getting hot, it has problems! The heat is being trapped in the light, cooking the LEDs and drivers. There needs to be a good thermal path to the outside world, which you dont have.

Oh, and your 13,000 lumen light will be doing good to exceed 4000 lumens… those lights are a scam/joke. To get 13,000 lumens out of XML leds, you would need to be pumping well over 150 watts into them. Ain’t gonna happen… and if it did your hand would be sizzling like bacon.

Sounds like you have discovered the joy of multi-emitters. I love these lights and they are pretty fun. You definately are not getting close to that many lumens but they are very bright all the same.

If you are interested in modding you can make that J-18 way brighter, with a very simple mod. This driver fits right in and all it takes is to solder a couple wires and you will have a beast of a light. It will then completely blow away your 12x. I have done a couple of these and a few others with this driver as well. It’s three modes Low medium and holy cow turn that thing down high mode. On medium it will be as bright as your 12x. It will not run on protected 18650’s though. It will draw way too many amps and the protection circuit will kick in. So you will need good 26650’s. King kongs are great. I’ll give you a link to them as well.



Have fun with your new lights and hold on to your wallet. If you hang out on this site long enough it will get expensive. It’s called Budget Light Forum. I think it’s because if you don’t put yourself on a budget you can break the bank.

Congrats on your new lights and welcome to the forum.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m getting anywhere the advertised luminance but it is way bright enough for my needs. Also I absolutely will not own a light that I cannot use as a single mode.

I’ll admit that a multi emitter with a second switch for a couple of red leds would really fit law enforcement use to keep night vision. While I’m dreaming a side switch would be cool too!

Anyway… A couple of guys in work are also flashlight nuts and their wives hate me because I gave their husbands the bug :slight_smile: