Ultrafire 18650 opened for "your pleasure"

I have no idea what’s going on here but it made laugh. Not sure if anyone has seen this:


All I know is that it was very kind for him to have removed the sand.

LOL!!! WTF?!

If you’ve spent any time perusing HKJ’s website, you know about this already.

It’s not like there aren’t millions of legitimate cheap 18650s out there to buy.


Price: $0.99

Shipping: $30.00

What a steal!

I have one of those:

I know of the cell and I know what’s in there. I find it funny that he removed the outer layer for “our pleasure” and it has a 30$ shipping price.

They remind me of those rainsticks. You can feel the cell inside slide from one end to the other.

At last , an honest seller , makes a nice change :smiley:

Presumably this is a clever way for the seller to get publicity. It has worked.

Don’t understand these fakes. Seems it would be more work and cost to make a fake like that than a real cell. Some people work harder to scam others than simply do an honest job.

From looking at the listing, it seems he’s trying to bring attention to the fake Li-Ion cells that flood eBay in the best way he knows how, by posting this tear-down as an item listing! :sunglasses:

It’s more than just being an honest seller, it’s bringing awareness to the situation in a humorous and effective way. :+1:

I like & endorse his style

I agree…shows a lot of grit :slight_smile:

Me too…. :+1:

I agree.

The listing’s photos are reposts. The first one has a FONAREVKA.RU watermark in the upper right, and the other two can be found by Googling ‘ultrafire fake battery.’

Kudos to the eBayer. I got a laugh from it. :smiley:

I see what you did there!! :smiley: :smiley:

Ha ha very good :smiley:
I bet that’s gonna be a beach to put back together