Ultrafire 2100, Uniquefire 2100, UF-2100... which one is the right choice?

So I was just randomly searching for this 18650 light, and turns out there are many “versions”, all at seemingly different prices.

Manafont has 1-mode Uniquefire UF-2100 for $18.20

Lightmalls has 5-mode Ultrafire UF-2100 for $15.00

Kaidomain has 5-mode Ultrafire UF-2100 for ONLY $11.83

Tmart has 5-mode UF-2100 for $17.25

Of course there are more but I just gave 4 examples.

The question is, which one did you all buy?

Convoy S2 from Fasttech

i bought the HD2011 $10.88 ( HugeDomains.com )instead of those ,similar flashlight ,its pill-less design make it attract very well the heat,stock high was 2 amps with another 3-4$ 2.8A or higher driver you make it rocket,now i am planing 3.8/4.2 driver with xml2 on copper (total ~25$ for a rocket)

Get the Convoy S2 - a huge increase in build quality (well, according to reviews). The UF-2100 is notorious for switch problems (causing flickering light). I have an E1320 modded KD version and it has the annoying switch problem (I haven't gotten around to fixing it).


I think the S2 would be a good choice, but I would take the 6x 7135 version with only 2100mAh.
My Uniquefire UF-2100 (3 mode, on high round about 3,3Ampere) getting really warm after 10 minutes,after 15 minutes extremly.

If you want a long runtime on high, you should take a lower powered version.

Ok, so, could you post a link to where you bought the little beastie that draws 3.3 amps?

Thanks, I need a spare toaster… J)

yea just stick with the convoy s2 or the hd2011 or for a bit more money, the roche f12.
i believe all three of these in stock form is better than the uf 2100

XAIOZHI nw is the best of them all 16~18$..fasttech has it and might even price match it

S2 would be my second choice with the 5c tint at 2.1amps $16

2011 than the 2100 i like the 2100 the least because of the sharper edges and flatspots+

The last two only if you want max flood

I bought it long time ago (1-2 year) from Dinodirect and I don’t know, if they chnaged the driver since I bought it. The three modes are high, low, strobe.

If you want a toaster without blink-modes, buy the S2 and add one 7135 Chip (you will have 3,15A or two and the result are 3,5A), but please notice: 3,5A and 3,15A are a lot for the small body (a lot of heat will be the result and I would not recommend to do this).

hmm, im curious to see a xaiozhi vs roche f12.
there are two types of roche f12 out there, a 1.75amp and a 2.5 amp.
i got the 2.5 amp from cnqg and out of all my tube lights, the f12 wins. even beats the e1320 modded 2100.

but yea, if you want the most flood, get the hd2011.

What Boaz said .


( With the IO clip , of course )

Convoy S2 or S3 all the way. Get them at fasttech.com in your choice of led tint and driver output. Best mode potions of any lights already mentioned.

I have the Xiaozhi and I DO use it every day BUT I hate its lack of tailstandability.

Thanks all for replying! I already have the HD2011 and Convoy S3, and thinking to get more similar lights.

Looks like my next choices would be Xiaozhi or Roche F12?

oh, then you definetly dont need the 2100 then, especially not a stock one. you wont be disapointed with either of those. the roche f12 can tailstand if you wanted to know.

I’m convinced by the posts in here that I should not be getting a 2100.

Roche F12 2.5A looks good. Cool white or neutral white is brighter?

As for Xiaozhi, I don’t like that it has no logo on its body. But being an addict, eventually I might end up having both :money_mouth_face:

no prob getting both, thats why i ended up with two e1320 modded 2100’s, a hd2011, and a roche f12. and im curious to see how the xiaozhi is now.

dunno which one is brighter, most times cool white seems brighter to the eye. i prefer cool white in all my lights, but most members here prefer the warmer tint. if your using it outdoors, then warmer tint for sure.

i actually am willing to selll one of my e1320 2100’s, pm me if anyone would like one.

The Zowzy is pretty cool. The neutral is a nice tint. It sings a little though.

I want one.
My stock group buy 3 mode UF 2100 has run flawlessly.
I should have let Eric mod it when I had the chance. J)

Does it come with the clip? If not, can you tell how you did it?