Ultrafire 504B changed name on Manafont?

Hi everyone,

Any idea why the Ultrafire 504B P60 host is now listed as an "Ultrafire WF-50X B" on Manafont? The original 504B had a pretty good reputation, and I was thinking about picking one up, but I wonder if they switched to a lower quality version, or if they will be shipping other similar models at random?


There is a new improved 504B model out so I think to avoid confusion they changed it 50X instead of Rev1 or Rev2.


I like the looks of the old one better, this might be a mistake.

Hmm, yes, I do like the looks of the original too, especially the silver one. But thanks, that appears to be the right explanation.

i've got this one from the last manafont ebay deal .as a host for cheap and it looks pretty nice and i liked the feel BUT it's either a fake or it's just junk ...It came chipped and it has some pretty cheesy threads on it ...it's started to crossthread immediately and after 10 or 12 on/offs of the tailcap it felt like a small sun not an ultrafire .. Lets just call it a bad fake

Looks like they did away with the anti-roll flats on the head, and made it look more like the L2T head minus the knurling. Just rounded.

I know this is a popular P60 host and one of the four UltraFire 50x lights I've received is not a quality control train wreck so, getting one that works does happen. No matter how inexpensive however, it's still makes for a lousy flashlight.

I think Boaz said it once a while back; if you're a flashaholic, a 50x will eventually infest your collection.


In with the old! Out with the new!

I like both, actually i like the new design a whole lot better. Unfortunately is not made as good as the "original". But still makes a shelf queen when propery "pimped" if yo uhave a dent free one (i do).