Ultrafire 504B host for trade (withdrawn)

Hello everyone, I have four brand new XTAR 18700 cells that just came in the mail today and also a new UF 504B host. Well the 18700s will not fit in the host at all, too tight. My TF Flame cell will also not fit in it, yet my SF L2P can use both batteries. Is anyone willing to trade a host for a host that will hold those 18700 cells?

What I have found with the Xtar 2600s like any other battery is that the bend from the protection circuit sticks out too much. Being that these Xtar are just a bit wider than other 18650 I have that little "bump has made a tight fit in some applications.


TF Flames Dia: 18.1mm

Hi-Max 2600 Dia: 18.0mm

Xtar 2400 Dia: 18.5mm

Xtar 2600 Dia: 18.4mm

Measured at points not near the strip

Or better option is to trade the host.

The TF Flames work in both lights just fine, and the XTAR 2600s will go in the SF L2P and even rattle a bit but no go in the UF504B. I do not want to force them to go so I did not try and push them in. Ahh, never thought about that idea of trading the host. Good idea.

I will trade you 4 new protected Trustfire flames and 2 new Samsungs ICR 18650s for those 4 Xtars if you want. PM me your zip code so I can see how much shipping will be. Or you could just buy 10 of the Samsungs from Reverand Jim for $20 bucks and be set for batteries for a long time.

Thank you for the offer but....I just tried to put that Flame cell Foy sent me in the UF504B and it will not fit in the light either. My Ultrafire 3000Mah cells will fit but snugly, did Manafont send me the wrong host....or is it just that finicky? I would love the trade, but the flames will not fit inside either.

You must have a 504b fake, because my Xtar 18700's fit beautifully in my 504B host, been using one in it for the last week. I have not had to trim any springs,I can screw both the head and the tailpiece down all the way, the Xtar and 504B fit like a hand in a glove. I can drop them in with no pressure and they slide in real nice, in fact they could be just a tad wider and still work.

Have you taken a good look in the tube and checked to make sure there is not a piece of solder or some other obstruction in there? Unscrew both the head and the tailpiece so you just have the tube and see how things fit. I can drop a 18700 in one end and it slides all the way out the other end without dragging anywhere.

One other suggestion, take off the tailpiece and check to make sure the switch retaining ring is screwed down all the way. Won't affect width, but could affect length limitations.

You could just buy 10 of the Samsungs from Reverand Jim for $20 bucks and be set for batteries for a long time. I have 20 of the Samsungs if you want to trade for some of those I will do that. The 504B is arguably the best of the cheap hosts. The 501B I have doesn't have the mass to transfer the heat and doesn't tail stand as well even when modified to do so. The 502B I have doesn't tail stand at all no way and the clip is kind of funky. The diameter of the Samsungs is 18.25mm and my Trustfire flames are 18.25 also. I measured 2 of my 504B hosts one from Manafont and one from DX they are both 18.80mm so something weird is going on here. I think it will probably cost a lot to ship batteries because they are so heavy.

The UF 3000Mah red 18650 cells will go through the light top or bottom. The TF Flames nor the XTAR cells will go in from top or bottom of the tube. The inside of the tube feels smooth when you run a pinky finger inside it from both ends and shining light through it I see not burrs with my eyes anyway. The tube says HWA/some symbol/WYB UltraFire WF-504B on one side andCREE R2 on the other.

sounds funky, I would try the battery from whatever end you are inserting them from both the + and - side if they don't fit either way something is up with the ID of the host. Don't use it reversed but just see if the host tube takes them one way or the other.

Is the protection very off center?

If you find nothing fits I would show MF that nothing fits. Could be a one off flawed sample

Looks like this has turned into a tech support thread rather than a trade thread, LOL, maybe the Mods can move it to a better place. I can get the red UF 3000Mah cells I have to go through the tube in any way tried, but the XTAR or Flames will not go in from top, botton, + or -, right or wrong way, but they will all go in my SF L2P host and even rattle a bit. I think I have a P60 Host that is a defect or wrong. I guess I can try and see if Manafont will do anything about it. :) Thanks for the help guys, no need for a trade as I do not want any of you getting stuck with a bad host.

This isn't CPF there is only one Mod and I doubt SB cares if we go off track. LOL

Contact Manafont and they should send you a new host that isn't screwy.

I just had an online chat session with Manafont and they wanted me to send them pictures via email, so I did. They said they will get back to me about this. Thanks for the help and we will see what happens. :)

I for one would be interested to see those pictures too. Maybe you could simply measure the battery tube length and post the result here? The 504B owners could probably tell you if it's normal or not.

I wonder if you received an L2M fake? Do they exist? The real Solarforce L2M is the one that just barely takes an 18650 and requires modification to accept a 18700.

Quite strange.. I have 504b and i use UF 3000mah (dia 18.3mm), TF flames and other batteries and i have no problem so far. Maybe the inside of the body of your 504 is not well machined.

All right my friends, here are some pics for you. I will also measure the tube and see what I get.

Weird i never had the fitting porblem with XTAR's myself. Actually i prefer them so batteries does not rattle in many hosts. The MRV clone was the only one that had a somehow tight fit. Not enough tight to pose a porbelm removing it easily or to scratch the battery. Inner tube diameter must be rather wrong or mil.spec machined to proper 18650 specs which makes me think it's rather a coincidence than a feature.

Why not bore the tube 1 - 1.5 mm?

Assuming the walls are thick enough, it should be pretty easy just wrap some sandpaper to a metal rod (even a wood dowel) attach the rod to a drill and sand the inside of the tube until the battery fits.

Seriously? I never thought about this as an option. Well drill I have, not sure if I have a large enough drill bit. Sandpaper on a dow rod?....how would you make it fit the drill? LOL Too funny.

You shouldn't have to modify a brand new light just send it back.