Ultrafire 705 from ebay $3.50

I’m tired of not having light at camp (no electricity when generator isn’t running) and was looking for some cheap AA jobs to scatter about the place. My buddy who owns the place loses every light I give him so I was looking for lights under five bucks when I came across this one I had pretty low expectations but for three and a half bucks shipped why not try one out.

Here it is next to my RC-G2 for comparison. In the beam shot the G2 is on the left. Sorry about mixing that up. It was supposed to be AA but is actually AAA. It also was supposed to have a Cree R5 led but for the price I pretty much figured that wasn’t true. The reason I show it next to the G2 is because they are very similar looking and the beams aren’t all that much different either. Light output wasn’t too far apart either, but surprisingly the overly recommended G2 had decidedly less lumens. That made me do a quick tail cap reading and I got 300mA’s on this new one. Thinking maybe this really was a Cree R5 I put a magnifier over the led and checked it out. It’s a simple round led with two wires and no strips. Definitely not a Cree R5, but puts out a good amount of slightly bluish light. The clicky works well and the light looks pretty good. It says Ultrafire and 703 on it, but this is the only place I’ve seen an Ultrafire like this. Bottom line, if this ran AA’s I’d buy five more.

Sold out.

I got a similar one last week,
although it does not say Ultrafire, it looks and sounds the same as the one above.
They’re on ebay under this description:
3W Mini Aluminum LED Flashlight Torch

Very cheap - you get what you pay for, TANSTAAFL.

Can you tell us which led uses? or at least post a photo showing the led? I dont think this flashlight uses a Cree led. I think it uses a generic chinese 5mm led

Ordered one. Cheaper than a cup of coffee, so why not.

Yes, as Dct73 says, it’s not a Cree:
(sorry for the quality, I don’t have a macro lens, this was through a magnifying glass.)
I couldn’t easily get it out so it’s still in the torch, it’s behind the thread and there’s no bezel.

Thanks for the photo. It is not a Cree led, but a generic chinese led of 20-60 lumen

Of course it’s a generic POS. It’s three and a half bucks, shipped. But like I said, it puts out considerably more light than the still praised RC-G2. I have much nicer lights, but I won’t leave them laying around the cabin for everybody else to lose. The whole idea was usable light for cheap so when, not if, it gets lost it’s not a big loss. I’m pretty sure my buddy Nutt could lose three or four of these in a single summer. I’m sure there are better lights out there for the application, this was just a cheapie I found that seemed to work well. I probably should have been more clear about the intended application. I have a little XP-G R5 with a 14500 for MY light. :slight_smile:

I bought 4 of these a while back for around $2.50 ea They are craptastic. Almost worth the money at that price. Not much light. Also the driver does not do very well with weak cells. The Fenix E01 gives full light with rather dead cells (say <0.9V). These don’t. But for $2.50, it’s almost worth the effort to change the battery.

Lumen calc: 1.4V x .275A x 85% driver efficiency -> 1/3 watt to led. Assume 60 lm/W led (generous) -> 20 lumens out the LED (13 lumens OTF). So 6 SinoLumens equals less than 1 real lumen.

Rats! Too bad it’s sold out. I woulda pulled the trigger for a couple bucks. Wonder if the tomtop one has the same power?

You know a lot of these sellers have so many ebay ads up that they lose track of what’s up and what’s not up. I emailed the vendor and asked him to post more if he had ’em and to let me know if he did. Might be a language barrier, but if he gets back to me, I’ll post the response. Can’t even get a Mickey Dees for $2.50!

I realize these are inexpensive. $2.55 ea. I was hoping they produced some useful light for NON-Flashlight - friends/relatives, (maybe 60 + Lumens or so? ) powered by the common AAA . Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer, or a bunch for your local Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts donation, so I thought.

Anybody have them or have used them?


their lense is plastic or glass ?

Lens information is NOT included in the description

Information from Ebay

This mini aluminum LED Flashlight is compact and easy to carry. What's more, the feature of waterproof and shockproof makes it the ideal companion for camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, climbing, etc.

Ultra mini shape and super light weight, it's easy to carry.
Waterproof, can be used in rainy days (Attention: you'd better not let it soak for a long time).
Durable aluminum material casing.
Tail cap ON/OFF switch.
Powered by one AAA battery (not included).
High tech bright LED with extremely long working life.
Low consumption.
Ideal companion for camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, climbing, etc.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Switch: Tail-cap press ON/OFF
Power: 3W
Battery: 1 * AAA battery (not included)
Size: 9.1cm (length) * 2.6cm (head diameter) * 1.7cm (body diameter)
Weight: 51g

Plastic lens

I measured 20 otf lumen at this light. Not the best quality, but I like it. I paid $1.62 for it.

I bought a few for Christmas giveaways.

They are decent enough for a couple of bucks, but definitely NOT 60 lumens. Bright enough to find your way around and handy to have on a keychain, safe enough to give to the kids without blinding them.

Those were the ones that bought (same seller). I got them to stash next to things like the water heaters and furnaces and under sink counters. They are definitely usable, but don’t have any expectations….

I brought similar type flashlight 3$. they use generic chinese 5mm LED. output is less than 20 lumens.

here is an auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3W-Mini-Aluminum-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Waterproof-Camping-Sporting-Hiking-/110919398629?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item19d34fb4e5

Gotta love the Chinese Lumenati… their ability to lie is unmatched. Mine draws .275A at 1.4V -> .385 watts. So this ones only over spec’d by a factor of 8…