Ultrafire A3 Cree Q5

Anyone got it and/or measured lumens and runtime on a 10440?

What A3? There are 2 A3

the old single mode one which support AAA/10440 or the new 3 mode one which only supports AAA?

Hi Fran82. As I wrote Im very interrested in knowing how it performs on a 10440 battery,

so its the singlemode Im looking at.

If I am not wrong, is not a very good light. Some reports of contact problems...

However I dont own it. There are other better lights for use with 10440

Could you name them?

Black cat


Brynite PD03

and more

I'm sorry but what type of battery is a 10440? is it like a AAA?

The Black Cat is 1.5v only.

Im narrowing my choise down to the following: Tank007 TK703, SA R2, Ultrafire A3 or F3

10440´s are li-ons the size of AAA´s

you can't use protected 10440 with the TANK 007.. they're too long to fit

Thanks for information. For the moment I dont have protected 10440´s,

so mine should fit.

The black cat accepts! 10440 I have two!

OK. Nice to know. Thanks.

KD has a natural warmwhite Black Cat. Nice.

I absolutely love my tank! It’s taken a beating in my pocket alongside my keys for over a year now. But it’s starting to show flicker and contact problems. Prob an easy fix:)

I would get a Tank007 TK-703. It's my new EDC, replacing my ITP A3. The Tank is a very nice light and brighter than the ITP. I also have the Black Cat running on 10440 and it's not much to be desired.

I think the tank 701 is my favorite ... the ssc-U2 is floody and a pretty color . I have the older T as well and like the U better . little brighter too.. tanks rule.

Brand: UltraFire
Model: A3
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree
Emitter BIN: Q5 WC
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: 1*AAA Battery (not included)
Voltage Input: 0.8~1.5V, Max.1.5V
Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie
Switch Location: Tail-cap
Modes: 3
Mode Memory: -
Mode Arrangement: High > Low > Strobe
Circuitry: Digital Regulated 450mA Current Output
Brightness: 130 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated)
Runtime: 30 minutes
Lens: Coated Glass Lens
Reflector: Aluminum Textured/OP Reflector
Carrying Clip: -
Carrying Strap: Strap Included