UltraFire C18-1 (C8 zoomie)

Has anyone seen these before?

I wont be buying one but they are interesting.

Interesting, nice find, I will surely try it

PS: It seems really new product. I wonder how it will compare with Small Sun C10…
I cant find it anywhere apart from banggood… not even on ebay.

PPS: Hmm, I automatically thought its XRE-Q5. That would be better option for my needs, so now in fact I think I dont need it :o

I ordered it, hope I won’t get banged Good ………

I havent ordered from the website but there is a lot of things I have bought from eBay from different stores that come from BangGood.com, I’m not sure if it was drop shipping or they have multiple stores on there.

Anyway, looking forward to both of your comments when you guys have received them.

This light has been appeared in DX few months ago. DX also has X8 zoomies somemore :bigsmile:

Edit: The C8 zoomies in DX uses Q5 instead of T6.

let us know how it turns out

I think its even better with Q5.

But I dont like the hole in its neck…

But the thing is we already have SMall SUn Zy-c10 wich is good budget thrower (without any holes on it :smiley: )

X8 zoomie looks nice though, even price is not so bad…

Did the price on this just go up?

Im sure it was only $12 or so the other day, then again maybe I have it confused with something else.

anyone got banged :smiley: I mean, did someone got what they bought from good bang ?

Would think it would be same as the Small Sun c10.

Maybe an escape vent in case your battery goes nuclear? :8)

Did anyone ever get this light?

i think manny did, lets wait till he see’s this thread. im still interested in this light myself

It’s still sold out. I would like to have it also.

I just got the NEW-C81 Q5 version (purchased at aurabuy with 10% discount code 77B10off). [edit] The pill is removable and looks like an elongated c8 pill, but screwed into the tube with smaller threads - great disappointment here, though i could see the tube being rethreaded…
Throw wise the beam is about 1/3 smaller and much brighter than my ordinary 18650 q5 zoomie. more ringy possibly due to the standard c8 plastic spacer and just as ugly :wink:

Some take apart photos would be great

sure. it’s nighttime here so excuse the poor lighting

lens is plastic and came with that chip in the edge (doesn’t affect the beam). approx 12mm height, 32/38.5mm inner/outer diameter
bypassing the spacer machined into the holder, the head cap itself can accept a 34/42mm lens

thread diameter seems to be around 21.5mm

a p60 pill will fit in there and could be secured with some copper tape. with just the bottom half inserted you’d have some range for flood in addition to throw, or you could replace the lens with a longer focal length to regain use of flood zoom range and get laser throw with less lumens in the process =) same as with a c8 pill, you’d need some way to bridge the positive spring with the contact plate in the photo. you would also need to place a stopper around the tube set at your focal length (and to stop the head from flying off =)

comparison of pill length with body at max throw length (this length is perfect to hold :slight_smile: )

beam comparison at max throw with p60 sized Q5 zoomie (left), Q5 (EZ900?) TF-R2 (center)

beam fringe at max flood, due to reflection from XR-E ring badly dispersed at edge of aspheric

excellent photos thank you for posting. looks like a candidate for some modifications.

i’m no expert in aspheric lenses but i wonder what could be done to reduce the aberration.

maybe replacing with one of these parts?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-High-Power-LED-40mm-convex-lens-optical-glass-led-lens-/180916494907?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a1f76a23b (with oring maybe)
http://www.surplusshed.com/detail.cfm?ID=L3953&Category= (longer focal length)

Kevin, could you recommend something from here?

does anyone know if glass performs better than plastic in aspherics? looking at this site, crown glass has less dispersion than acryllic

borosilicate is meant to have an abbe number at around 67 vs PMMA at 53

i have the surplusshed 3953, 10461,10020,the fancyflashlights PMMA 38mm and none of them drop in to a regular C8 without any modification. i will try them in the C8 zoomie when it arrives.

To reduce aberrations in the beam you could “black out” any shiny surfaces in the light head. flat black paint or black sharpie works well.