Ultrafire C3

Hi, first post here. I need to replace my fenix e20. I keep this light on my duty belt in a mag light open top holster and I would like the replacement to fit there. I love the fenix but it is giving me problems and is no longer reliable. I was looking at the Ultrafire C3. This light seems like it would fit and have a similar beam profile. Any other suggestions would be great. Are there any 2x14500 lights with a thin enough profile to fit? I tried a friends 2xaa light and it was too wide to fit the holster.
I keep an XP-G/18650 light in another holster on my belt but I want something that throws a bit like my fenix does. Thanks

Does it have to be a 2AA light? If 1AA is also OK: The Hugsby P31 (review) together with this belt holster is my favourite for belt carry. I am not a big fan of Ultrafire lights, quality control seems even more sloppy than other budget brands. The C3 (aluminum) series is especially known to have contact issues, it is a bit of a lottery if you get a flawless one. The C3 in stainless steel have a better track record from what I have heard.

Thanks for the suggestion. Really I don’t even like aa batteries that much but I guess I am just used to this light and want something that works just the same. I use this light so much and just like the way it is right there sticking out of the holster, I think a 1AA would be too small.

Sorry. I didn’t see the link for the stainless c3 in your reply. I wish it was in black but that looks like a winner there. Just the right form factor. I will look around a while but really like that. Thanks

There are several models grey alu, black alu and stainless steel 2AA-variants of the C3. But I feel really uncomfortable recommending the aluminum ones, I had 3 black 1AA and 1 grey 2AA alu ones and every one of them had contact issues, these issues were fixable with a ring out of copper wire... but I hate when I have to fix a brand new flashlight. The 2-3 stainless steel 1AA ones I had were fine and since they have no anodisation (electrically non-conducting) there is less for Ultrafire to screw up. But there are those lucky ones who get excellent alu UF C3 2AA with great output like Don described in his review. Maybe I am extremely unlucky with my aluminum Ultrafire C3s but I had also the chance to look at 10 Hugsby P31/P32 (and counting) and they are simply amazing built quality. I have to add that I don't own any 14500, so my view is heavy Eneloop'ish.

Below are pics of the Hugsby P31 with holster next to a Solarforce L2R (2AA) and a Superfire WF-501C (modded to fit 2AA)

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I would agree with Vectrex's assessment of the Ultrafire C3. The aluminum version has a terrible reputation for reliability. However, the stainless steel C3 is an entirely different design, and I have had a great experience with mine. You can get single mode versions, 5 mode versions with flashing strobe modes, and 3 mode versions with no strobes. I personally think that single AA lights are more practical than 2xAA lights. But at any rate they do sell extension tubes for the stainless C3. I suspect it will probably be a bit wider in diameter than your Fenix, however.


Thanks for the input! Anyone have any experience with this Hugsby light?
Also how strong is the clip on the previously mentioned Hugsby light?

It seems to be very old , the reviews and comments are from 2007 and the emitter is an all yellow CREE XR-E (very old). May I ask which price range you have in mind? What is your main goal: maximum brightness, long runtime, single mode or multi-mode, is 14500 compatibility essential to you?

I totally missed that this was your first post here, welcome to the madness that is budget flashlights.

BTW you are aware that non of the flashlights mentioned here are beam-adjustable like your E20, right?

The Romisen N3 (R) and P3 have a good reputation but might be a little too thick for your holster, which diameter had the flashlight that didn't fit? The Ultrafire WF606A (R) is also said to be OK. Here is a comparision pic in this review of the E20.

Good questions. I don’t have a budget really but just lately I have become obsessed with flashlights, I mean I am becoming really annoying to everyone, and the cheaper the better so I can afford more lights. I like the throw that my skinny fenix used to put out. It complimented my xpg light. Ideally I would like it to fit the mag light holster because it is so easy to grab quickly. I guess I can get used to some change in aesthetics and what it really boils down to is I need a small bright light that is easy and fast to grab with more throw than flood. Modes don’t really matter although probably the the fewer the better. So I guess I need a skinny light with good throw. 14500 doesn’t really matter either but I have been kind of nerding out on all the new battery types I have been learning about.
The ultimate flashlight to replace my goto fenix.

  1. Skinny because that’s what I like and it would fit
    In my favorite holster
  2. Two cells. Much easier for my big ol hands to grasp
  3. The best throw possible with a small head
    I think the stainless c3 is looking pretty good. I’m not ordering just yet because I have a DX order I am waiting on. In three days it will be one month that my order has been out there. This is my first DX order and I am starting to wonder.

For me everything between 10 days and 5 weeks is normal for DX orders. After 43-44 days I make a Paypal case (45 days limit... you can raise the case to a claim up to 60 days after your initial order)... just in case. But so far every parcel/envelope arrived... waiting is the hardest with DX orders.

I keep replying before I read your whole post. I like the Ultrafire WF606A. DX has a video and that is the beam pattern that I like. I think between that one and the stainless c3 we are in business. As far as the focusing feature goes, I have never changed it from the narrowly focused position. Thanks again for all the help.

Romisen RC-N3? I think the head is a little bigger in diameter though. A lot of variations out there with different LED's. The only thing is it doesn't have a real Low, more Medium and High.

Here's a XP-G R5 version that should be plenty bright on 2xAA (not 2x14500):


Why don't you try the Ultrafire C301 as it's newer.

Or the Fenix E21? two modes, and comes in neutral. Its built like a tank, and you can actually trust it.

I have the alu and the stainless C3. Both are good, but the stainless is perfect out of the box and it looks great.

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I've not actually tried one of these, but I never heard anyone say anything bad about Solarforce.

L2R 2xAA XP-G R5 http://www.solarforce-sales.com/product_detail.php?t=LF&s=31&id=151


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L2Rs are good but he asked for a slim light. The L2R is great value for the money, while the body is slim... the head sure isn't. That is the downside of P60 compatibility. The 2AA form factor doesn't get much attention from budget flashlight manufacturers, most designs are several years old. I haven't seen a real budget XP-E,XP-G,XM-L 2AA yet .... I guess they are not that popular. If you are willing to shell out more than 40 $, you have a lot more modern design options. (Fenix, 4Sevens, ThruNite)

That UltraFire C301 seems to be also very "fat".

I'm a new member, but have been reading for months. I see Langcjl is from my area.

I have the Hugsby P31, a well made light, but just a single AA, and an orange peel reflector creates a soft beam, does not throw far. As a light you carry in your pocket, it's a good choice; the clip is very good quality, and the warm soft beam is pleasing to the eye.

I would like to suggest the Tank007 TK-566 with the extension tube for use with 2 x AA batteries. This is a slim package, and the smooth reflector creates a sharp beam, with a good throw. This is also a cooler colored beam than the Hugsby.

I have come to like the Tank007 products; but be warned, the TK-566 is sold as a single mode, and a 5-mode, and it isn't always clear which you are getting. Also, many adds say this is one or two AA batteries, but they don't send the extension tube, and it cannot be used for two AAs without this tube.
See http://www.dinodirect.com/tank007-tk566-tk568-flashlight-extension-tube.html
and http://www.dinodirect.com/TANK007-LED-Flashlight-110-Lumens-TK-566.html

I can vouch for the DinoDirect light as a 5-mode light, and their delivery is about 3 weeks. Whereas, I too have waited much longer for a DealExtream shipment.

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Here an original clone of the Ultrafire C3, only US$ 2.69:

by Star Light SKU: A06950000O