Ultrafire C8 XM-L $14.61 on Ebay

I don't know anything about this light or dealer.....cheap though...


Good point...


Powered by : 1x 18650 3.7v battery
One button switch with 5-mode : Max, High, Low, SOS and Strobe .
Model of LED: CREE XM-L T6 LED
Size (mm) : 146( length ) x 44( head diameter ) x 24( body diameter )
Weight : 138g

At least in specs it states quite clearly the presence of XM-L...

Who´s going to try :)

Another username as a dealer but same pics and text:


Pulled the trigger on this…wanted a c8 for awhile…

Its the same light tmart was selling. May not be xml. Beware!

This is an XML flashlight.

It say XML in the specs.

Because eBay is hurting sellers with higher charges if they dont have a special amount of piositive feedback, my experiences with chinese ebay sellers is, that they are very very cooperative..

Bought a 7$ light with Q5 emitter, but it was a fake Q5 .. Got half price back... and even its not original cree, its a good deal :)

A other cheapy AAA light was DOA... Got replacement without any problems.. (without sending pictures and investigation bullshit like manafont does)

Also got very good experience with getting money back if not received... Not even 1 problem in getting money back...

If I want to buy something I always look first on ebay, because you can be sure, that if they are any problems, you will get your money back or partial refund without any problems...

Well I'd bet it's legit.

I bought one from another seller at about the same price. I guess we will find out how well it does when I compare it to the Keygos K-5 XM-L.

And if it ain't I will keep the light and get my money back through Paypal if I know Paypal like I know what they will tell me to do if I file a claim as item not as described. They aren't going to pay me to ship it back to the seller. I already know that from when I had problems with some batteries I bought from a overseas seller on ebay. Got my money back in full and got to keep the batteries to boot. That was the cheap red Ultrafire batteries that all these overseas sellers sell as new at 3000MAH or 3800MAH. They aren't new, and they aren't that capacity either. I proved that to Paypal. They are nothing more than used laptop battery packs that have been pulled out of packs and are reshrunk with new plastic wraps and sold as new. Do not buy these batteries.

Also bought this light as wanted to get a C8 to compare against my XML throwers.

Kaidomain RQ, Keygos KE5, Trustfire X9 and another X9 soon to be modded. Also have a Trustfire Z5 on the way.

It is the same body, may or may not be xml. Even if it say so. Seller may ask you to return it before refund. I am not confident in paypal. I hope it is xm-l But there is no pic of the Led and spec's are often wrong.

I would not want a partial refund. I'd want what I paid for.

Seller has a lot of negative feedback as well.

I pulled the trigger on the C8 yesterday. Hope seemmy999 comes through with the goods.

I bought one, for this price I´ll take a chance. Hope it´s a XM-L.

I bought two...different sellers. One with SS bezel. If both not XM-L, decided to give them as gifts. If XM-L, I'll keep the one with best output, and give the other as gift.

Old boy scout motto; "be prepared".

Mine is shipped today, Im confident its an XML light but I have doubts on quality if its at par with other/normal C8s.

well item is no longer for sale..hopefully he wanted to unload the 13 he got quickly..for 14$ i'll take my chances that the light is real..

Seller 2xcheap2010 Ultrafire C8 XML relisted; but says "UltraFire C8 500Lm CREE XM-L T6 LED Flashlight Torch" previous product description 1300 lumen.I think 500 lumenscorrect..


seemmy666 sent a XR-E The fun begins! Run..... Forrest.... Run!

Been Ebaying for over ten years. “Ebay Eidetic” dictates allowing seller to correct the transation. If satisfaction is not reached a negative feedback is given. Sellers do not like negative feedback. By not giving feedback you have leverage to come to an agreement. Then if you are not happy with the end results and all avenues are exhausted then NEGATIVE is given.
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