UltraFire E17 CREE XM-L T6 linternas 2000 Lumens Flashlight US $5.84 Free Shipping @dd4.com

Hi,Everyone ,

Do u need a necessity that you take for outdoor travel is portable? Do you want to enjoy a good time at night, not be afraid of the darkness anymore? Do you need an assistant for wilderness exploration? With UltraFire E17 CREE XM-L T6 linternas 2000 Lumens, you can enjoy yourself in outdoor travel with your bike. Sophisticated design is very attractive; The flashlight uses CREE XM-L T6 LED, very bright. Check it now, and then you can travel with a light pack, and say goodbye to darkness!
Brand: FandyFire
Model: E17


Wow! 2000 lumens!! That’s BRIGHT!!!11

Can it be deep-fried like that flashlight I see advertised on teevee? That one’s TOUGH!

And the XM-L T6 must be good, because I see that engraved on all the good (and tough!) flashlights out there. (I see things like “XM-L2”, and not just “T6” but “U6” and even “V6”! I think they’re making it up…)

And really? Only 5.84? That’s a bargain! You could probably charge twice that!

And I LOVE the hand-rope, and the attack head! It sounds so… tactical!!!11

God, I can picture that flashlight in my hands right now…

Thanks for letting us know!

2000 lumens for less than 6 bucks?
What a bargain. I’m gonna get at least 2 for sure.

Brand: FandyFire —- Is the brand Ultrafire or FandyFire?

I hear that the government are trying to ban this light that all the top military use because they are dangerous to own!

They’re photon rockets. If you strap these to your ankles, you can fly.

No, but seriously, they’re less expensive at Simon’s Ali store (Convoy) and honestly described by someone who actually knows what he’s selling.

Cheers ^:)

It’s a shame Grace doesn’t really know about the product, but I’m happy they aren’t trying to scam anyone out of a bunch of money. They are selling it for what it is actually worth.

This is better 6000lumen !!!

Only 2000? Come on, those are usualy like 8000 lumens and a mill candelas all over Aliexpress, why should we buy this one….only 2000 lumens…a shame realy, so low… and a Tanlu 3300ma on the phto…companies like Ultrafire offers 10000mah batteries for 2$…you sould update your flashlight definately gracemia

At least we can tell from the nice macro that the “Cree T6” is actually LB…

You guys are confusing this with the “military” model in the TV commercials. This one is the special “secret spy” model. How do I know that? When I clicked on the link and scrolled down to the pictures, the light was signaling SOS as 3 dots, 4 dots, 2 dashes. Obviously you need a secret decoder ring to know that’s SOS.

the deep frying of the last one gave me heartburn…no more for me… (rolls eyes) :confounded:

LOL you guys

This is my favourite budget zoomie. Have a couple of different brands and they both have a nice even flood and decent zoom. I’m saving up for the proper G700 version. The budget ones are bright so the G700 must be like a star!


I used to wonder how the Chinese nautical mile compared to the measurements used by the rest of the world.


Brasil, o maior do mundo! Brazil, the largest in the world!

6000lm??? Oh my God, I’m getting… aroused! :smiley:

I must have one!

That can’t be! Doesn’t it have “CREE XML-T6” actually ground into the side of the light??

They couldn’t print it if it weren’t true!

I think they use metric lumens or something…

I’ll have you know those outdoor pictures were taken at NIGHT!!