Ultrafire LZZ-06 AAA light with pocket clip 0.9-4.2v

Just received mine. I can only find two modes - high and strobe, but it’s impressively compact and very bright on an UltraFire 10440 (blue).

Gets hot quick though!

If you look carefully, there is an 'almost high' as well, between high and strobe

(just started modding my second one :-) )

Got one too.
I wouldn’t use 10440 though, as it (like mentioned) gets hot, which is not light but heat… :wink:

It’s always a surprise which mode you’ll get…
Mostly it starts on high though.

The screwable tailcap has no reason to be screwable…

It's light if it gets hot enough. You never heard of incandescent flashlights?

Decided I needed one of these until the Walbuy's coupon didn't work and I noticed they now charge for shipping.

You can get one from AliExpress for $5 in different colors.

And you will probably have better luck than buying from WB. I haven’t received mine yet, as the logistics company the seller have used messed up the shipping. I got a refund though and he resent me the light anyway as a compensation for inconvenience.

Nice find. Thank you Pregulla :)

EDIT: Gonna take my chances. Aliexpress has covered me in a past non-delivery. Ordered a set of 3 black.

I haven't seen a driver diameter here or in djozz's mod thread. Anyone know of a good replacement driver for Ni-MH usage?

EDIT2: Anyone know if this driver will fit?

I did a second mod on the LZZ-06 (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/25476), the driver size is mentioned there. It is 13mm, so the nanjg 102 should fit :-) .

Excellent. Thank you djozz.

P.S. Can't believe I forgot about that second mod. It's so cool.

Thank you Pregulla for the info in Post 25 above. The vendor came through with flying colors. I just received 3 black Jexree Mini's today. Ordered on August 7th. They were beyond super well packed. I can only describe them as crazy well packed. I think they could have been dropped from a plane and landed on a solid rock with no damage. I kind of felt bad throwing away all the bubble wrap and 2 boxes they were packed in. All 3 were in perfect condition and work great.

They look the same as the light in the OP except no sticker and a smooth refector. They have very good output stock. At about 2 feet (guessing) they read 1,600 and 550 lux (Direct beam to meter) on high and low, respectively. A TruNite TiS measured 1,200 lux at the same distance.

Compared to a TiS:

  • Tubes are the same diameter. The Jexree's head is about 1mm wider, but the reflector is close to 2mm wider. Jexree is slightly shorter.
  • Beam of the TiS is smoother. Jexree has a smaller more concentrated hot spot. Jexree has slight artifacts on a wall, but they are not too bad.
  • Jexree includes a very nice clip. Doesn't come off or even move when extended out. Holds its place and doesn't rotate unless you purposely push it directly from the side with the intention to rotate.
  • Jexree tail stands slightly better. A slight wobble will topple the TiS, but the Jexree will recover and remain standing.
  • Tint is almost the same. Jexree is slightly cooler. Nice white with no apparent tint.
  • TiS' knurling is far superior. Jexree's is not grabby. The clip, head and two body groves make up for it though.
  • Guessing the Anodized finish on the TiS is superior, but I don't want to test. The Jexree's finish feels pretty decent though. Seems like it will hold up well.
  • The Jexree is a little wonky with mode changes. Luckily it starts in high mode. Generally, changes modes in the following order: High, Low, Strobe. Sometimes it changes modes in different order or keeps returning to high. Looking at the driver on the light I have, it appears to not be well seated. I need to pull it and reseat it flat in it's bay. I think that will fix the issue.

I just ordered nine more in various colors for gifts.

EDIT: Reworded the last bullet after noticing that my driver was loose and did not fit in its bay. I attempted to force it in place, but it got stuck at an angle. Was at work and had not files to get it properly sized and seated flat.

The driver looks pretty decent. It's PCB is red and appears to be labeled "LG68". Has 3 good sized capacitors. Inductor labeled "3R3". Mode chip labeled "ECA1R". Diode labeled "S6 82". Has 2 stacked resistors. Top one is labeled R300. Quality of construction looks pretty good. Has a copper ground ring (Not just a trace).

My Google-fu is weak today.

EDIT: The driver appears to be far more sophisticated than this driver. I'll try to post a picture tonight.

Here is the top and bottom of the driver in the Jexree Mini:

Measured emitter current this morning as flollows:

High - 320 mA

Low - 110 mA

Tonight I will add a resistor to see how current changes.

Trying to find out more about this driver. It looks very similar to this driver which is good for (0.8-3.2Vdc) - AAA (350mA) and 2AAA (700 mA, 1000mA optional). Can have various modes including it appears a ramping mode. Even has stacked resistors (top being R270). Does have one less capacitor. The small one in my picture above.

If anyone has this driver, I would be interested in knowing if the components are labeled the same as I specified in Post 30 above.

EDIT: Also similar to this 1-mode driver.

My Google-fu is fued out. Guess it's just time to experiment with the driver. Was hoping to find info about mod options and current regulation. Wondering if changing resistor values changes voltage output or current output.

If anyone know anything about the driver in Post 30 above, please tell me.

The resistor under the R300 is a 271 ohms. Odd.

Well, I tried different resistor combinations, but could not get current to increase. Replacing the stock resistors with an R200 yielded the same current but no modes other than high. The driver does not like having 2S cells. Only gives a moonlight mode of .04 amps. After trying 2S, the driver modes changed to High, moonlight, strobe.

Even out of the light, the modes are wonky at times.

It looks like the driver should not be altered and just kept as a 300mA single Ni-mh driver. Good for run time. I think for gifting purposes, I will just yank the mode chip and to yield a one mode driver. Have to take some pin readings to figure out how to do that.


CFBOW chip seems to be PAM2805 (ds) or its clone.
Hope that helps.

Best wishes

Thank you ericandor. I went to that site and searched for one with the label "ECA1R" with no luck. I will try again tonight.

I assumed the chip is functionally the same and pulled the chip. When I shorted the Vin and Vout pads no light came one. I'm in a rush. So I will try again tonight. Maybe the chip is needed for other parts of the circuit too. Looking at the diagram in the data sheet doesn't indicate to me it's necessary.

Thank you again.

My mistake…

That is what I have found regarding PAM280*
(X - internal code, Y - year code, W - week code)

CD X Y W - PAM2801 - single mode, 1W
CF X Y W - PAM2803 - single mode, 3W
EC X Y W - PAM2805 - 3-modes (100%/25%/STROBE), 3W
EE (?) X Y W - PAM2806 - 5-modes (100%/25%/50%/STROBE/SOS), 3W

So it seems that CFBOW is actually PAM2803, and ECA1R is PAM2805.

(added info about 2806 and modes)

I believe that 320mA is max you can get out of 1xAAA NiMH.
If you look at the PAM2805 specs, you will see that to deliver 350mA emitter current it needs to pull around 2A from AAA (at 1.2V).

Try to replace resistor with higher value one, eg. 1 Ohm should give you 95mA emitter current :wink:

Thank you again ericandor. Very good info.

There are some AAA drivers marketed at 500mA drivers, but I have never tried to measure them. I guess just means they are capable of delivering 500mA if the cell could deliver it. Or, it's just marketing hype.

What you say makes sense though because current starts dropping to around 270mA soon after start up. It's not thermal sag because I can let the emitter cool off and the current will still only be 270mA using the same cell.

I will take all the info you gave me take another crack at the light tonight. It sounds like this driver might be fairly efficient. I need to measure input current to verify.

By the way, welcome to the forum ericandor!