Ultrafire LZZ-06 AAA light with pocket clip 0.9-4.2v

Definitely like the looks of it!! Nice light for giveaways?

I'm actually not sure if is new, but can't remember seeing it before.


It's pretty new.

(Added on 1/21/2014.)

Yep, I saw that it was added recently, but they sometimes add older lights as well. Just like the olight s80..

So I'm not sure if I have missed that light altogether or if it really was just recently released..

Crelant V01a

too similar

Yep, that looks similar.. but I bet the Crelant is a better light!?

It’s a good question…
I have no Crelant, I can not really comment.

Removable Ultrafire sticker? It might be a nice light for modding.

haha, yeah, sticker. i wish they’d do that more often lol


And cheaper.

i think they look good!
i’m not sure, but i think i’ve seen them somewhere else as well, a little bit cheaper?
wouldn’t mind reading a review of one, to see if it’s worth the money asked for it…
(i already have some aaa-lights, so i don’t really need/”need” another one…)

I thought they were nice too, I ordered the purple one on the day of first appearance (the black one was not listed yet), and two weeks later I received a mail from dx that it was on backorder. It was the same day that the blsck one appeared on the dx site, so I changed the order to the black one. And yesterday I got the mail that it was on backorder. So dx lists lights that they do not have. Well, I will just wait for it to come now.

This is not my common experience with dx though, I have bought many new listed lights from them that I received fast.

How bright is it in comparison to a Sipik SK68 and does the brightness change from Li-Ion to normal AAA?

Works on AAA alkaline: high, almost high, strobe. Output is less than ITP A3 (xpg R5) but throw is better (because of bit wider and smooth reflector and of xpe).

Also works fine on EfestIMR: high, high, high with faint strobe , nice fat output with really good spot.

Bezel is SS . Reflector is aluminium, under the reflector is a insulating/centering piece of plastic that does the job well, no pill, led board sits on a black anodised shelf that is part of the body, driver needs a tiny solder blob in the middle of the battery+ pad to fit the flat top Efest battery. The o-ring that seales the head from the body needs to be thinner, even if lubed well the head twists too stiff for comfort. The spring at the bottom of the tube is stiff and short (good for conductance) and can be reached because the tail cap can be screwed off for some reason.

It works well enough stock, and also I think it is a nice host: everything is servicable and I see no major desgin flaws.

A few days ago, I did a mod with the Ultrafire LZZ-06, in the post are also a few more pictures of the light (driver, pill).

Just placed an order for one of these, looks like it’ll make a handy little addition to my laptop case :slight_smile:

Just received mine, and it has at least 3 modes.

High , Low (actually medium) and strobe.

Switching between modes is not so easy, as it stays in the same mode often..

Need to figure out if more lube will help, or maybe less..

Edit1: Oh..I just reread Jozz s post, saying that the oring is a little too thick.

Not bad for under $8

Edit2: I just cut the spring a little and it helped somewhat. Probably a different oring would improve it even more.

How did you get it under $8 is there a coupon, looks like a handy little light :slight_smile:


Use their 10% coupon to get it for around 7,80

coupon is ledwallbuys14

click on Buy Now... close the paypal page, bo back to cart, and add the coupon.

Thanks :slight_smile: