Under $10, 1x AA/ AAA/ 10440/ 14500 flashlight reference

awesome thread! needs more AAA/10440’s though….wish I knew some under 10 bucks.

I’m actually searching for a good AAA right now. I carry a leatherman with me daily (Charge TTi) and need a small light to clip into the elastic loop on the side of the velcro holster that came with the leatherman. AA lights don’t fit very well…

Number 14 looks like a HDS expensive titanium flashlight. It would be great if they made it AAA and you could stick a great driver and a NW emitter in it.

Not many sub $10…

If you are looking for a AAA right on $10 then go (XP-G)

For 3 modes just a touch more (XP-E)

Oh wow…just released (shows 14500 only)
W/ charging port (but probably direct connect so need intelligent charger)


I need it with a pocket clip is the problem, other wise it could slide out the bottom of the elastic loop.

AAA with pocket clip. Thread about it

Okidoki! It’s just an UltraFire sticker! :slight_smile:

Now a name list and specs for all lights in the OP!

Gearbest 1x AA headlamp Osram LED $4.55

If anyone can find an attractive offer for EU, please do tell!

Germany 6,95€
France 7,95€
UK 5.95£

For 2 modes take the “Ti” or “Ti2”

FandyFire EVA Cree XP-E R5 80-Lumen
I pleased with mine, the anodizing has held up well to pocket & belt duty.

Akoray is one of the best cheap AA light i ever had.
It falls inside an aquarium, it faced rain, fall and bump and it still work on AA and 14500…

Anyone has a link for #1 light (not zoomable)?

Try these links >>






My current favorite AAA light is the Smiling Shark SS-5039.

It is not as bright as some, but I plan to mod several. I am bored with cylindrical AAA lights. Should come out under $10 with XP-G and boost driver. The head of # 14 above looks similar. I also like SK-58s, # 15 above. I have a Smiling Shark light that looks like # 18. I also have a Smiling Shark light like # 9; it is nice but I haven’t really needed it.
Added: My thread on my Smiling Shark SS-5039 mods. Smiling Shark SS-5039 1 x AAA size flashlight, modification notes, Now 3 x 7135 with modes, on a BLF Tiny 10 board.. I am up to 0.7 A in an XP-G2, on a 10440, for less than $10.

$5.99 at the local drugstore: Shop Beauty, Vitamins, Medicine & Everyday Essentials | CVS Pharmacy
(lifetime warranty and free shipping, too)

I don’t like moveable pocket clips, scratches the anodizing !

Has anyone summed up all the variations on #3? I know there are a lot of zoomies that look like that for sale now, and I recall one of them has a good solid pill — but I’m not sure which.

Of course maybe it’s the lottery thing, but I’m hoping. Someone above mentioned that same variation, some junk, some solid.

I realize I really like this thread’s approach — since there are so many clones/copies/lookalikes,

For the #3, I’ll hunt’em up and note them here.

PM me if you have a pointer to a thread where someone already did this, or recommends one.

I’ve come up with
3-mode Zoom AA/1450 EXPIRED ! "Black" $1.99 Max 3ea (Wallbuys and Ebay)
Slick looking 1-AA Q5 Zoom, price Drop, $4.24 from $5.99 shipped (Ebay)
What is This Torch ? (several sources)

Aha — this is the one I saw recommended (by Firelight2) as better quality:

Rustu XL-03 from one place at DX

<a href=“http://www.dxlisting.com/p/rustu-xl-03-cree-xp-e-q5-80lm-3-mode-white-zooming-flashlight-black-1-x-14500-aa-251198”DX linked to another supplier cheaper

Under $10, 1x AA/ AAA/ 10440/ 14500 flashlight reference is maybe same, maybe different, with several sources

today ‘discount’ price:
$3.59 at banggood Zoombarer LED-Taschenlampe Meco XPE-Q5 mit 600 Lumen und 7W für 1xAA 1.2V Sale - Banggood Deutschland-arrival notice-arrival notice (search found that mentioned one place here but not by someone who bought one)

EDIT 9/2: this ebay version of #3, as of today’s lottery, is a hollow pill
(bought a couple that just arrived today)
Mini Portable CREE Q5 LED 350LM Lumen Zoomable Flashlight Torch Waterproof S3
Member id sunsmile*2013
(same seller from which Jerommel got a solid-pill version, a few responses below this one)


I like the sk68 clone with a 14500, but with a 14500 on/off is not enough as full power gets too hot, so I only buy 5 mode, high, med, low, strb, and last one was I thnk sos.

OTOH my EDC has been my Olight i3s since the day it arrived. $20, but there it is, it does the job with a 10440.