Under $10, 1x AA/ AAA/ 10440/ 14500 flashlight reference


cool nice! Thanks

I have 2 dozen #4’s and 2 #6’s all good little zoomies

Fixing to have a 15mm driver board for the #4’s that will turn them from meh AA zoomies to little pocket rocket 14500’s :smiley:


But aren't #2 and #3 the same?

And #8 is AA? Looks more like cr123

Oh yeah…don’t forget SolarStorm SC01

NM…not under $10

- edit- SolarStorm…not Solarforce

Good to see that the FT SS C3 is in this group :slight_smile:

C3 Cree XP-E R2

I really like the look of #8

Anyone know the name if it?

Thats not a Solarforce, its a Solarstorm.

Doh…yeah…SolarStorm duh

I like #5, but never seen it before.
Got a link?


I got SC01 too but they are slightly off $10 mark.

I am also wondering about number 8,
I just know the cr123 version of this light
I have number 7 on order…

I haven’t seen number two yet, but I know someone here machined this knurling by himself…

#6 has nice color!





I believe 2 is the newer version. Longer in length and knurling type. Price is about the same though.

I think #2 has a fixed reflector, i.e. not a zoomie.

Aha, Yes, got one of those, but that’s a 18650 flashlight.

I found a good ‘buy it now’ deal on #7:

$4.91 free shipping

1x 14500 only! not AA !
Makes sense though, with that 3mm ‘direct connect’ charging port.

Oops, will replace it.

I’ve owned #5 before. It’s larger than SK68 and not as bright. I also prefer push/pull zoom rather than ring.

Just received this one:

It’s the floodiest AA zommie I’ve ever seen, the beam is more than twice wider than SK68. It’s a bit dimmer when focused. The lens optically seems to be similar to SK68. It’s larger an heavier than SK68. Not bad overall.

It’s Yupard light from Aliexpress nice little light that can be resistor mod for extra bump… I change the LEDs to XP-E2 on noctigon and switch the lens with 19”mm aspheric and now it out throw my SC03 significantly :smiley:
the reflector are plastic so you can use thicker wires and no worry about shorting :wink:

My opinion:

  1. and #10 the worst flashlights i never bought. #3 is a great deception in all ways.
  2. a sipik sk68 clone is a must have in a collection for the price.

I have the same than Peregrulla, it’s not bad for the price paided but the flood isn’t a circle it’s between a circle and a square…