Brightest AAA size light available

No not many cheap good 10440 hosts unfortunately.

I found this that looks a little interesting
It is cheap and looks nice i but don’t know the pill/shelf design……or if it is even modable.

I think I have one of those on order.

Nice, please tell us how it looks modwise when you get it.

Did you see that they had a lot of different colors of that same light, so if it is a good candidate it would be good for gifting some nice tricked out light :wink:

How about this hugsby xp1?\_mwBanner=1&\_trkparms=aid=222007&algo=SIC.MBE&ao=1&asc=20141212152715&meid=aa177a00aacc4e5089ac0a9636b487e5&pid=100338&rk=3&rkt=30&sd=181628594063&\_trksid=p2141725.c100338.m3726

Yeah it is a possible candidate but i don’t know how good yet, i recently finally got the head open and i plan to try to mod some. it is in the second thread.
I actually mentioned the Hugsby XP-1 in post 15 in this thread :wink:

Check out this thread & you will fast get up to speed on where we are at on the XP-1.

haha i thought the hugsby xp1 sounded familiar.
let us know how your mod goes .

oh, how about this light

looks to be moddable since vinh from cpf did one.
got 450 lumens, he calls it the cigvn.

Yeah it can be modded but it is not easy fitting a driver in it because, if i remember thing right it is a 10mm driver in it, so possible a Tiny10DD could fit but i don’t know anyone who has done it yet.

But if you want check out

There are plenty of information.

I didn’t think to mention the SingFire SF-348, because in my eyes it disqualified itself for brightest aaa flashlight available by being stainless steel.

This is what vinh himself say about his 10440 version
“IMR version is direct driver with permanent LED to brass pill arctic silver bonding. Thermal pad also added to the inside of the light engine. LOL every bit helps.”
And the runtime for the IMR version is untested,

I think it will get really really hot + less bright than (if available) a similar style light in aluminum.

I got to be honest, i felt i was a little hard on the SingFire SF-348 until i got to the second page of vinh’s sales thread, where one customer tried to check out the runtime………it died in 3 minutes :open_mouth: that is even worse than i thought it would be, the led desoldered itself, that guy is lucky thats all that happened, the wires could have desolderd itself and cause a short or the led could have cooked………sorry definitely not safe in my eyes anyway.

wow, it was a pretty popular light it looks like.
21 pages!

yea i wish there was a alum. version. i guess i will keep looking.
and i ordered a couple of them jexrees, those should hold me back for a while, till i find a good clicky.

i know this is off topic, but what about this AA size one. seems smaller than most AA size lights, just a tad bigger than the singfire.

I like the look of it, but again it is SS so i will have worse heatsinking than an aluminum, with the same problem as the cigvn if you decide you want a hot & bright mod.

I guess if you could fit a good driver & tune the turbo timer to a short safe level you could go for a similar SS light & do it at least safer.

I just got a Romisen RC-B3 in the mail. Bought it for $4.99 from eBay US seller. It is very easy to disassemble and looks like an excellent host to mod. The aluminum OP reflector and brass pill are threaded. The stock XR-E is mounted on an 11.5mm aluminum MCPCB with non-adhesive heatsink compound. The brass pill is 15.37mm X 8.78mm. The aluminum reflector is 17.54mm x 11.11mm. The light is 94.08mm from switch boot to bezel and 20.56mm at the widest point (head).

The build quality and component selection is very good. I’m going to upgrade the LED and try out a TIR optic.

I’m bidding on another one, so wait another day OK? :wink:

Looks to have better heat sinking compared to most AAA lights because of the bigger head. But the light itself looks bigger than most ligjts also. What are the dimensions? IT doesn’t say anywhere.

I posted measurements that are bolded in above quote. In addition, the body tube is 15.9mm wide.

Here is a picture showing the RC-B3 next to a Singfire SF-348 and a Hugsby XP-2.

The Romisen RC-B3 looks very large for a aaa sized light, i haven’t really really decided if i think it is too large yet :wink:

New news in the whole Jexree Mini story, it looks like Supfire are selling a Supfire A1 that is a clone of the Jexree Mini/Ultrafire LZZ-06 but with a clicky :slight_smile:

Check out

We don’t know yet how much Amp the switch can take, or if it is possible to beef up the switch, some of these very small switch assembly’s can really limit max possible Amp, even the bigger one often do :wink:

But it is still very interesting possible solution to the question, on where we can find a small aluminum aaa/10440 sized light that modable with a clicky switch instead of the twisty. i hope Jexree will release something similar so we can get some different colors, i am not really sold on the gold one just yet :slight_smile:

That Romisen is huge, defeats the advantage of small size of AAA…

Nice find on that Supfire a1.
I sure do hope it’s a modable host. I might just try one. The gold doesn’t bother me much

It should be as modable as the others, only with the possible complication on how much the switch will restrict current and if we can do anything to fix that.

One other thing we don’t know yet is if the switch part makes the tube any shorter with the battery fully pressed down, because on the Jexree Mini i have calculated (not tested unfortunately) that we will have less than 1mm to spare, when fitted with wight’s 13mm driver, otherwise we would have to drop down the driver a bit inside the driver compartment and/or shave some component to make it fit.

The topic of the OP is “Brightest AAA size light available” and not the “Smallest AAA size light available.”

This could be a contender. Very nice looking light if you ask me

That appears to have nice features, but it uses 1.5 V cells, so, as advertized, it is not as bright as lights of the same size that use lithium ion batteries. How it compares in brightness with other boost driver AAA lights, I don’t know.
I remind all of my usual objection to AAA lights: It is smoothly joined cylinders not life-like compound curves.

It looks nice, but at 75 lumens i am sure a contender is the right word :wink:

And as a host 57$ is an enormous amount of money for a aaa light, i actually think it is the most expensive plain aluminum aaa light i have ever seen.