Ultrafire M2 versus Trustfire f20 versus Uniquefire aa-s1

So, if you had to choose just one of the three, which would it be? And why?

In other words, which is best? And which is brightest?

Here is a review of the Ultrafire M2

Here is a review of the Trustfire F20

Here is a review of the Uniquefire aa-s1 and here.

Some people have reported problems with the Trustfire and 14500 battery driver going poof.

The Akoray K-106 is the best here is the review and here

What is the budget , can you stretch it ..

Function or looks ?

For $20 , http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1297 The balder SE-1 is a very nice AA light , especially @ $20

For the price paid for it the AA-S1 is probably the best EDC you can buy. You will be

advised to pay more for other lights, or buy others with more output. Some will say

the Osram led is outdated and so on. But if you put a 14500 battery in a AA-S1 you

will never get disappointed with it.

you may want to look at this list:


prepared by Brted based on Don's documents:

I'd go for M2 because it has good quality for small price, but the problem is always the same... I have at least 4 akoray K106 (M2 is a good clone) ordered from different place and they have different led, different driver, different tailcap... So it's always a lottery.

That Balder looks really solid. Have you done a review on that one old4570?

Yeah, basically I'm looking for a good EDC that runs on 14500s. And I'd like it to be real bright (200 lumens +), but also have a low to extend battery life.

Oh, and what about the trustfire r5-a3?

I have an m2 and I am very pleased with it.


Probably not the best choice for 14500 though , good choice for AA

If it has to be 14500 then Ultrafire M2 maybe ...

Oh, okay. I prefer 14500 because they can be recharged and they pack more punch! ;)

Had Akoray for sometime but it never got serious use, probably because of the hidden clicky-button which would have needed modification...

… could you please answer a quick question?

I get that the LEDs, batteries, drivers are fully interchangeable, but what about the other parts?

I like my F20s, but the switch bothers me. It’s only retained by a friction fit, and sometimes needs work in order TO work (20% of the 8 I’ve tried, with another unverified report from a friend). Plus it’s a Momentary-Off so who cares. I’m on a Momentary-On jihad with all my lights! As is well documented, pulling the switch on these is not for the easily discouraged! Plus I can’t find just the threaded Aluminum pills for mod/upgrading.

So my question is, ARE there any other interchangeable parts between these? I tried a “Small Sun” clone of these (with holes for the clip but no clip) and wouldn’t mind fixing it; but only the pretty body and head shell (with the awesome name) are worth keeping. The entire contents are pus, and the switch is worse. (Sorry, “Small Sun”, but the check cleared the bank) I’ll sacrifice an F20 of course, but it would be nice to rebuild that someday. I’ve already upgraded to XM-Ls, so that switch is my next target.

Thank you for taking time to check & answer!




I am working on a photo shoot (for its own thread) of the guts of the Trustfire F20 switch. I personally hate them, but can’t find a replacement. IFF anybody’s interested, this would be a good place to describe any differences between the switches of these lights.

The aforementioned “Small Sun” switch is radically different and completely incompatible, even with itself. So I know there are different switches…

Just asking…