Ultrafire P10 xp-g


Interesting... but junk specs as usual. 350lum at 1A?

I wonder if it still uses a xr-e reflector like some xp-g lights still do (thus the typical extra spill). That hole looks awfully prominent.

Also, important, we dont know if the pill is solid (metal just behind the star) or has a big hole (as the C78, were the star touches the pill only on the edges)

Most all new flashlights are coming with that stupid pills. So I will wait until reviews

It also has a very narrow reflector - in fact it is pretty tiny for an 18650 light. It is shorter than the Aurora SH-032 though it has a slightly wider reflector. The Aurora is the smallest 18650 light I have.

Look at the 18650 in the picture...

Looks like it is arriving to the buyers. Looks good, but still no closeup photos of the LED and Pill........ Is tiny to be a 18650 light! (and ligh... 68 grams!!!

Hi guys!

Looks like now we have decent photos of the beam, dropin, reflector, driver board....


What do you think about this flashlight?


Bit of a Plain Jane , but thats ok , yeah those hollow pills , some bean counter trying to save 1c .... Or just an idiot on the design team ? who knows ...

Got a SAIK SA-8 over a year ago , nice pill = no hole , got another about 6 months ago , yep , a dirty great big hole , virtually no heatsinking what so ever ...

But that SAIK is now a P60 host ....