Ultrafire RL-113 @ manafont in R5

Looks like they just added the R5 version of the Ultrafire RL-113. Looks like a nice little 3mode W/ Hi-mid lo and SS.

my mistake i guess this is totally different from the osram RL-118

eitherway they both look nice

Look wise, I like the RL-118 better. Wish it has the R5 in it.

Indeed, if a neutral XR-E pr XP-E was in it or a good R5 i would have snateched it instantly. Can't beat the looks however.

I just bit the bullet on the RL-118 at Manafont. I wanted to see what the OSRAM was like and love the looks of this one, as well as the SS tailcap.

I guess I am not expecting that much and it seems like kind of a lot to spend on a lark, but I think we have probably all been in similar situations and caved in. Still, could be a decent carry for the office, as there's 3 real modes and no idiotic strobe or rave whistle or anything.

Anyway, happy to put up my thoughts about it once it arrives, if anyone is interested.
I don't see anything else on here re: the 118 in the manafont guise.

Nice! Those are both beautiful lights! I really like how the pill is in the body and not the head. Either would make a really nice mule.

Please do put up your thoughts!

Here are mine.


I still like it a lot. Two years later.

Heh, Don I'd actually read that while I was researching the light, long before I registered here.
"Researching" is of course secret flashaholic code for obsessive googling and handwringing about buying more LED torches.
Someday I hope to completely rid myself of the handwringing part and just buy without remorse. The googling can stay.

I'll be interested to see what has really changed on the RL-118 since the DX version was available.
For one thing, it appears UltraFire has traded that split ring for an extra mode, which seems like a pretty good deal to me!