Ultrafire RL-198 XP-G R5 3mode

Manual exposition or automatic white ballance?

Even so, interesting result. So RL-198 will throw better than C1, right? (both with R5)

Olympus C-370 3.2meg a pixel All auto point and shoot digital .

No SLR here [ except my old 35mm = retired ]

One day I may get a Digital SLR

For just beamshots a DSLR is overkill. Any point and shoot with full manual override will do the job admirably. Barring that, at least one with spot metering.

My personal bias has been towards Canon's line of P&S's, simply because there is an extremely useful add-on for them called CHDK. It unlocks many capabilities that the factory has hidden from the user. Most useful for me has been the 'live histogram' and the 'zebra mode'. The zebra mode highlights the areas where you are over/under exposed. But of course you still need the manual controls in the first place to take full advantage.

Cheers, Angus

A question for you old.

does the p60 module fit in that reflector?. i was thinking MF 3mode xml. Thanks!

There is a comparison photo ..

Yes a normal P60 will fit , but you would need to stretch out the negative or outside spring to hold it in place as it is shorter than the RL-198 pill ..

I put one in there and it was a some what lose fit [ p60 ] but the battery [ once installed ] held it in place and it worked fine .

You can buy XML version for $29.20

Ok thx i guess they just added it at MF. Ultrafire RL-168

Now that's a good looking light . No annoying modes , XML , deep reflector ...

great review old4570 (as usual) I have gotten used to seeing that white wall in your backyard. lol I am wondering if the xm-l would be a lot better or not?

Some one needs to buy the XM-L Version !

Where can you get this light with Osram led? for a good price?

rl-168 osram AA/14500 they mustve mislabeled the xml version as an rl 168 because it takes 18650 so it should be a RL-198 xml like above link

The 168 Osram is not that great .. I replaced mine with a SSC P4

I was thinking of getting the RL-198 with the Osram.

Kd have one with the XRE? Is this correct

the rl-168 used to be a 2 mode with osram, been carrying one for a little bit:

UltraFire RL-168 HA-III OSRAM LUW-W5AM 2-Mode 150-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (1*AA/1*14500)

this light is difficult to find now in two mode setup.i am an osram fan and even i have to admit the output from this light is insufficient. it was slightly overpriced at 23usd, but two modes are few and far between. due for a mod.

UltraFire RL-168 HA-III T6 3-Mode Memory LED Flashlight (18650)

same model number, obviously not same light, T6, 18650, probably fairly priced at 29usd. they are nicely made.

Manafont has the wrong description , picture shows 198 ? [ wrong picture ? ] anyhow the one tested was XP-G R5

the 168 was either two mode or the newer ones 3 mode , Osram .

Mine was so ringy , it was annoying to use after the novelty wore off , so I put in a spare SSC P4 I had , now the beam is Smoooooth !

Never really worked with the AA [ 3mode ] , it was destined to be 14500 only ...

The 168 , I should get another , and XM-L it . Perhaps it is a 168 [ AA - 14500 ] with XM-L ??

Hmmm , time to contact Manafont me thinks ...

I xml'd my 168 and it's one of my favorite lights now that the osram emitter is gone. I stuck in a xml-u2 on a 16mm star (you have to grind it down just a bit to fit) and it runs like a champ, doesn't get too hot, pulls a max 1.4a tailcap, and has decent runtimes on medium and low.

low runtime is just slightly in excess of 10 hours on a fresh trustfire flame, high was a few seconds over 20 minutes. My new tf batteries are a tight fit, but the older, shorter ones from a couple months back slip in nice and easy.