Ultrafire RL-198 XP-G R5 3mode

Ultrafire RL-198 XP-G R5 3Mode from http://www.manafont.com

  • Brand: UltraFire
  • Model: RL-198
  • Emitter Type:R5
  • Total Emitters: 1
  • Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 battery(not included)
  • Switch Type: Clicky (Clickie)
  • Switch Location: Tailcap (Tail-cap)
  • Modes: 3
  • Mode Memory: Circuitry Features Mode Memory
  • Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Low
  • Lens: Coated Glass Lens
  • Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO Reflector
  • Carrying Clip: Clip Included
  • Carrying Strap: Strap included
First Impresions:
Its very nicely made , it's lights like the RL-198 that give me hope , no junk modes [ Hi - Med - Lo ] , and it also seems to be extremely well regulated , something I was not expecting from a sub $30 shipped light [ more later ] . The beam is both good and ring'y [ smooth reflector ] , how can that be , well , it has a really defined hotspot , much like a XR-E , and then it seems to step down after that as it becomes spill / flood , Ive posted the beams , so check out the pictures .
I really like the look of the RL-198 , different to the usual run of P60 hosts and while its about the same size as say a L2 [ p60 host ] the RL-198 just seems to look a little more clean [ to me ] , now speaking of P60 , a P60 drop in will fit in this light , though it is a fraction short , making for a slightly lose fit without a battery [ original pill fits fine ] .

Performance :
Hi = 269L - 0.91A
Med = 86L - 0.29A
Lo = 15L - 0.05A

Checking regulation :
4.1v Battery = 271L
4.02v Battery = 268L
3.87v Battery = 270L
3.6v Battery = 176L

Certainly not a scientific test for regulation , but from these small results one can see that this light is well regulated , also the current is much closer to where the XP-G R5 runs efficiently . At 139 lumens per 350mA , 0.91A , math say's = 360L , making 270L OTF quite realistic for such low current draw , especially considering all the variables . Now think about that , lower current = less heat and longer run time , with more than acceptable output . Low and medium offer some serious runtime , Medium at around 0.3A offers about 8 and a half hours with a 2600mAh battery , and something like 52 hours on Low .


Well , a surprisingly good light , well regulated output , I like the current draw on this one .
The anodizing is nice , a mat black , evenly applied
Knurling is very fine , and well cut
Tailcap design allows for tailstanding
Smooth reflector
Has a nice sturdy clip
Nice smooth clicky , very nice to use
Has a wrist strap
Glass lens
Threads are well cut , but no lube [ dry ] , a bit of lube really slicked them up
O rings through out
PWM is good on Medium , but the frequency on low is such as to be noticeable by those sensitive to low frequency PWM , personally I cant see it , unless Im chasing my cat outside , her legs look a little funny , but it bothers me not .
Mode Memory is very fast , no changing into the next mode . [ Clicking on and off ]

Im very pleased with this light , and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good 18650 flashlight , I cant find anything negative to report , its just so damned nice , I dont want to sound like an advert for the RL-198 , but its not often I see so much value for the money . Ive spent a lot of time ho-humming as to whether to get one , so when the opportunity presented itself to test the RL-198 I jumped at the chance , and I can honestly say if all the RL-198's manafont sells are like this one , it would be difficult to be disappointed .

I would like to thank Manafont.com for the opportunity to test this light .


Back Yard Beam Shots , 5 Meters to the wall .

Low = 15L

Med = 86L

High = 269L

Throw @ 1meter = 7400Lux ... This is good for a XP-G , considering the output , its more like excellent

Thanks old. Those UF RL series lights have always looked nice.......but I wasn't too keen on their Osram emitters. They definitely look like they're worth a second look now that they have upgraded them.

Nice review I have my eye on that or the C303

Old4570 can you do beam shots with other XPG lights please.

looks like Ultrafire is having more quality flashlights lately!

thanks for the review!

I'm getting '403 forbidden' with the pics ..???

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Can't see the low mode image.

Thanks for the review ;) Would be nice to see some wall beamshots comparison, other R5 or Q5.

Pictures = Might be a high load on the picture host , works for me though . [ hosted by imageshack ] Maybe click the little link and see if you can see it on imageshack .

Beams , ill take some tonight , but the beam is very XR-E like due to the reflector in the RL-198 .. [ something I thought a lot of people might be interested in ]

Low current , XR-E style beam , good hotspot ..

But I will include some XP-G shots tonight , + XR-E , for comparison .

Temp issue, works now

Ultrafire RL-198/\

Ultrafire 501B XR-E R2 /\

Ultrafire C1 XP-G R5

This is what I get today, funny...

IE Seems to work ok , + Chrome works fine ... What browser are you using ?

Try Jayki.com for this review , or maybe a different browser .

IE and Firefox the same, in another imageshack pic from a DX's thread got the same, maybe is like tinypic some months ago which block some areas... I can enter the site using it normally

I'm not alone, check it



Have you tried cleaning your cookies and temp files?

BTW, can't see any spill :O Comparing to R2 and R5 :|

it's fixed now

Look at the wall , and the shadows on the ground ..

Check out and compare hotspots ..

The RL-198 really pushes the light forward with a narrower than normal beam profile ..

If you compare the XR-E and XP-G R5 C1 , you will see the XR-E has a more intense and concentrated hotspot while the C1 lights things up more evenly ..

So those that like to push light forward , should like the RL-198 .. + The C1 is about 350ish on the Lumens and pulls over 2A with a fresh cell .

The 501 pulls over 1.5A with a fresh cell , and does about 270L + depending on the battery used .

old4570, where did you get the Ultrafire C1 XP-G R5?

Mine came from KD , initially there were problems that needed sorting out ...

Review on Jayki , but once sorted , it has been a very reliable light , I reach for it often ..

Only thing I dont care for is the high current on high , over 2A with a decent battery .

Ive been using the RL-198 , and I like it very much , the C1 does not have mode memory , always starts on high , which is good some times , but may annoy the neighbors .

So sometimes , a light starting on Low is more sensitive ...

We'll have to take your word for it.

All but one of the images are overexposed and there is no exif info attached. I find them difficult to compare.

Nice shed though.


Thanks old4570 - did a search - no luck. I found it on DinoDirect but from what I've read, I'll pass on them.