Ultrafire T8 available at manafont!

I remember a person or two was wanting this light but it was removed. Its now back at manafont and looks tempting!


It's not new they have just put it near the front again.

They have moved a few lights to the front. Trying to get rid of old stock.

ahh ok. I thought someone on the site was ready to purchase it and then it was removed. perhaps I am totally wrong. Just trying to help someone out :) If not, feel free to remove this thread!

Yeah, xp1337 was going to buy it.

They have moved a few lights to the front. Trying to get rid of old stock.

Generally speaking, they don't "stock" much of thing. These dropshippers are JIT. I'm not sure what you mean by "to the frong", but they are probably just their popular lights.

I contacted them AND ordered it the same day

thats why its back on the site

they claim its an extra week to get

ill have a review in order when i get it

in fact i gotta get around to doing ALOT of reviews... i have some interesting flashlights ive bought lately

Thanks dude. This one looks to be a good deal if decent quality. Even a kinda crummy huge Coleman 3x cree spotlight (lead acid batteries) costs ~$50.

thats why its just better to get the stanley 100 Watt halogen for a spotlight lol

this is more of a maglight replacement i believe. if i can get 600 lumens (say only 200 per LED) this thing will be kicking

i also put in an order for the BLF custom flashlight by Mr.lite.

i gots to do some reviews, just gotta find time

wish you could have posted this here, as i dislike having to go to another website just to understand the basic's &&&

this is a one battery-18560 3-emitter not-as-bright as a sst-50...

Ultrafire T8 Cree Q5 3-Mode 3-LED Flashlight

•Model:Ultrafire T8
•Features 3 Cree Q5 LED emitters
•Short and compact design
•Glass lens with textured aluminum reflector
•3 Modes:Hi > Mid > Fast strobe
•Carrying Strap: Strap Included
•Powered by 1 x 18650 (Not included)
•Detachable middle piece for extra brightness (require 1 more battery) or shorten for extra portability

a q5 optimally driven should put out over 200 lumens.

saying all 3 are driven perfect on 2x 18650 (comes with an extension tube, which is what i wanted for more runtime)

we should get almost 600 lumens (or more, but most likely LESS)

also, at almost half the cost of an SST-50, which is just as efficient

228 lumens (q5 1 amp) vs 1200 lumens (sst-50 5amp)http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/804

an sst-50 is 40 bux an led

a q5 is under 5 bux.

so 5 q5s would be 25 bux, for the output of an SST-50 at 40 bux.

see where im going?


^led output on a post

my PLAN is to upgrade the 3 leds to XP-G R5's. then drive them at almost 1.5 amps each.

that should give me over 1200 lumens EASILY!

problem? yea, heat dissipation lol but, WAY more efficient than ANY sst-50 available

Can't wait to see the result! Should be good for around 1500 lumens.

Who needs throw when you have 1500 lumens?