UltraFire U90


Does anybody have any info about that light, I saw on ebay it for 30 dollars... Is it worth bying, cause it looks very promissing...


Is it thsi one


You can use unprotected batteries as it's got Low protection discharge

Is it really IPX-8? or is that another false advertisement that we are so used to?

yes, this one

also this one there is on LT http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.UltraFire_U90_Cree_XR_E_R2_2_Mode_255_Lumen_LED_Flashlight_Black-27674

i cant find any review, maybe its too new product

It looks like the HS-802. Certainly with that deep smooth reflector it isn't going to have the prettiest beam, but it will be a vey narrow beam - think the flashlight in Doom 3

You played Doom 3 Don? Cool I loved that game! Another one of my fps faves was Farcry.

I bought it but never finished it. The dark brown shade of everything got to me. I'm actually more of an RTS person - my reaction speed isn't what it used to be. I will probably get Duke Nukem Forever when it finally comes out. Saw a trailer for it today. I remember fiddling with 486 PCs to get them to play the original properly.

Ha, I have the promo Duke Nukem Steroids and whatnot from PAX.

Mine even came with tamper proof seal broken... Pretty good mints, though.

Hail to the king baby! Looks like cleanup on aisle four. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum.

and of cause my favourite:

Nuke 'em 'till they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!

I used to play lots of fps games but then I bought Diablo 2 and Titan Quest so now I prefer RPG's than any other. Diablo 3 is what I am waiting for now.

Oh how many memories. I used to play the kung-fu version of duke nukem called shadow warrior. Pretty hilarious too. At one point you get to a bath tub with a manga half naked girl and your character (Lo-Wang) says:

Wooah! Do you want to wash Wang or do you want watch Wang wash Wang?

That was the best one for me.

It was pretty hilarious being produced in USA and have jokes like:

"approaching to an american broken tank"

Wang: Uhhh, it must be american made... "pffff"

Today I have got it from Manafont and here is my first impression about it:


1. It really throws, tonight I will try it outdoor

2. Very nice packing and included accessories

3. Very good anodisation it could be HAIII

4. Threads are cleaned and a bit lubed

5. Can tailstand

6. Good heat control (after 15 min only a bit warm on 18650)

7. Usable sidespill

8. 2 levels


1. UI: need to push the button twice in order to switch off the light... first push-medium, the second-maximum, the third-off

2. Ringy beam

3. not yet :)

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of the light, its very good for such money

At the moment I have only one thrower to compare and it is Fenix TK20 and U90 outshines it quite well

Well I could live with that ringy beam, but UI could be a problem for me

This looks like a good light but I think it uses a resistor in the tail. Which is not efficient.

Can you do some run times?

Well... Ultrafire 18650 protected grey 4.15v and after 2 hours 3.5v and still goes... so I believe it is not regulated on 18650

Now I am thinking about buying MRV from Manafont and to compare them

You should be able to used un-protected batteries as it has low voltage protection built-in.

In the runtime at what time did it get the hottest?

I havent completed the test (was afraid to drain the battery), I think 2 hours is ok for me... will try to run on medium soon...

I think after 10-15 min the light is the hottest (warm, not hot)...

the light is so small... I like it

somehow I need to turn off the medium level (mode switch is in the tailcap), any ideas?