UltraFire UF-H1 Q5 headlamp for $24.39 CR123A

Checking Ebay, it looks like the 25.69 24.39 is a pretty good price.. at DD
Ebay have them for about $31

it takes CR123A batteries
I have no idea about this headlamp.. so please dont ask me any questions...

here`s the link


but have no idea if there is still a coupon available to bring it even a little more down.

if anyone has a coupon.. lets share it to make it an even better price!

Does it accept 16340 batteries? If it does I think it´s a great deal.

Price is a bit lower now. $24.39

Ill change the title!

Also, if you want to use the FONAREVKA 7% coupon, you can get it down to $22.93

You can order it together with the Ultrafire H3 (18650) headlamp, which comes to 49.xx dollar, So if you add a product that lets the Total come above $50, you can use the $10 discount (code: XMAS10), and you have 2 headlights for 40 bucks! shipped

That's a great price on a great little light!

Does anybody knows if it accepts 16340 batteries?

The shop, where I buy my flashlight, if I couldn't wait 20 days say yes, it could take 16340


Thanks Buwuve ordered one to complete my UF-H series :)

There is a UF-H4 also so you also need that to complete the series, it takes a 17670 or a 123.

Nice E1320, I think I need this one too. :)