Ultrafire UF-H2 for sale $15

this is the one from the dino direct group buy. i got lucky and got the nice box. i haven't used it, and have decided i am not going to. i am not looking to make any money, in fact i will lose a couple bucks, but i know some wanted it and didn't get it, so i am selling mine, nib, for $15 plus $5 usps priority mail, conus only please. thanks, and enjoy it, frank.

That is going to be great deal for someone looking for one of these. That is an really nice thing for you to do Frank.

i'm glad for someone that will use it to have it.

Somebody buy this light because it is a great light at a great price. I have two, one for the garage/cars and one is my get up in the middle of the night light. Very nice super low for that application.

Blah. I'll take it. But no more toys for me for awhile.

PM sent... I'll Paypal ya...

sent first pm, and sold pending paypal. thanks. now somebody look at the extrema ratio knife i also have for sale.

has seconds. thanks.

paypal received. thank you.

May I ask why you won't be using it? I find it incredibly useful with the full flood for close range work. And it's quite small for AA.

I'm just guessing here ...but maybe because he sold it ? :P

Cabfrank that was nice of you to offer this light to all those who kept asking for Summer to put it on sale again.

wish summer will hear us and sell another batch of this at a discounted price. Looking for a 1xAA headlamp to mod with a high CRI XPG or Neutral XML.

Woo. Already got it. Wearing it on my head as a keyboard light right now. It's great. Thanks cab frank. I was so disappointed when I saw I missed the DD deal.