Ultrafire UF-H6 for 38$ !

actually it’s 1 $ less , because you have Registered Air Mail , and that’s 2 $ :wink:

cool. that was fast. I have paid for it. Waiting for the shipping information. Lets hope for the best.
Manafont launched a series of Ultrafire headlamps. Worth checking them out?
I wanted the H6 due to the resemblance to Zebralight.

But you did realize that you posted in the "buy it for 38$ directly from Ultrafire, shipping included" thread?

And still: its MF. If anything goes wrong, they just dont care.

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 have been launched some time ago. Or do they have something new?

Yes , I do realize that I posted in the “”buy it for 38$ directly from Ultrafire, shipping included” thread?” :slight_smile: , but I think that a lot of people would want Tracking , especially if it’s just 1 $ more… Anyway I made another thread with the one from MF :wink: , and sorry If I caused any inconvenience for posting another deal in your thread …

See, thats the difference to MF. Here, we get free registered shipping without a need to have it specified because we expect it at that price.

Hi, I saw them lining out the headlamps on their page. Thought its worth checking out.

Think they just updated their page merely.

H1 to H3 is the same model as before, all with Q5 led. H5 is the only one that looks out place spotting a T shape. They miss out H4 though in their front page lineup of the H series but it’s still in their product list somewhere.BTW, I have still waiting for a review of UF-H6….

What the ? I ordered the 18th and got it today. 6 days. Amazing.
This is a great light and an improvement over the H3
Has an easy removable clip.
Not as floody as I expected.
No magnet in the tail cap (possible con)
It gets hot quickly. Less than a minute. Too hot to use on high for extended periods.

Wow. That was fast!

Is the tail cap legoable with H3?

edc, how would you describe the beam? Is the hotspot small or large, and does it transition smoothly to the spill or is there a sharp cutoff?

Subjectively, how low is the lowest mode?

If you leave it on the highest mode, it steps down after a minute, correct? Is there a big difference in output between the highest mode and the 2nd-highest?

If you leave it on continuously on the 2nd-highest mode, is that when it gets hot? Too hot to touch (bad for a headlamp)?

Does it use PWM on the lower modes, and if so, could you guess at the frequency?

The tail cap is not legoable but you could add a magnet
It does step down after a minute.
It has a hotspot and its bright.
Low is nice
Second click is bright. Third click is slightly brighter
Not a huge difference between 4th click and 3rd click but you can see it. Not so hot on 3rd click level. I can’t hold it on high.(4th click) Pwm is minimal to me- I can’t really see it .
Anodising is very good. Threads look good. Its a nice light.
A tight fit when using the head strap. It really needs second dedicated groove for the rubber rings.
The click button could be slightly longer.


Doesn’t like long batteries. You would think they would make them a little longer. similar problem to the original H3. Would work with unprotected flat tops.

edc, I officially hate you. :)

Will we see a review?

I just stuck a 3mm thick magnet in mine. It will now work with longer batteries if you screw it really tight. It really should have a magnet in it. The H3 magnet fits.

Mine also arrived, draws 2.1A on highest setting. Maybe more, because even my 2.8a driver showed 2.4a

Im actually thinking about selling mine, so 35 including shipping, anybody interested?

Reason is that I just can’t justify the price, it was a real impulse buy. Didn’t need it after all.

Tried it for about 1minute

Edit: Here is the link to my ad $35

I agree it could be cheaper this but I think it would make a good edc. Where the H3 is only good for close up work this does have some throw.

I just hit 3.4 a on turbo with a Tf flame (dd unprotected one)
3.1 a with xtar 2600.

lol. :D Great regulation then..^^