Ultrafire WF-502B CREE XM-L-T6 1000 Lumens with battery charger and two TR18650 Utlrafire batteries $16.11 free shipping

I thought this was a good deal.

um… Ultrafire 502B with the new XM-L2 LED is about $10-$12 now… forget about those batteries :slight_smile:

IMHO, not that great of a deal. The 502b can be had for less than $5 occasionally. And those batteries most likely are questionable.

Oh great…. :frowning:

Unfortunately thats actually a pretty bad deal. As said above you can get the flashlight for $5-6, and the batteries are usually fit for the garbage. But, you can go find it for the cheaper price, and buy two Panasonic 2900mAh for almost that price, and have a much much better deal.

Can anyone give me any URL’s?

Not the XM-L2 but the price is nice $8.16 shipped…

Just do a search with Google, my first link I clicked on showed me that flashlight $7 shipped from amazon. Occasional semi-frequent promotions drop prices more at other sites that you can search for. http://www.amazon.com/UltraFire-WF502B-Flashlight-Battery-Included/dp/B005E48K6I

I would get one of the many pair of Panasonics for $14-16 or so for good batteries, or just about any other name brand lithium or laptop pulls even instead of those batteries.

Thanks! How about a charger? What would be best for 18650s?

What is the the difference between XM-L and XM-L2? Is it that much of a difference in output?

Is this a good deal?


Better - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-2000LM-Ultrafire-502B-xm-L2-Cree-XM-L-L-2-2000-Lumen-5-Mode-LED/575670430.html