UltraFire X1 - Akoray k106 body in 18650 size

Was about time, that famous Akoray k-106 / Trustfire F20 etc. body is now available in 18650 size: http://www.szwholesale.com/ultrafire-3mode-lumens-1x18650-cree-flashlightfcufx1-p-3704.html

Seems to have square threads too, so let's hope DX etc. will pick it up soon and the price is good!

It looks like it might also use the programmable driver from the K-106 because it came programmed as a high/low/strobe device. Now that would be nice, a K106 with nearly 3x the runtime. It is not yet in the retail site though.

Pity it isn't an R2 or an XP-G - but it is only 3/4" longer than the K106 which is really good for an 18650 light.

Will need to look out for that one. It could be really good.

Hi there phlowcus, welcome to BLF! Thanks for the link.

I don't use 18650 batteries, but I'm a huge fan of this body style, I bet this will be a winner. I saw this one somewhere else too, now where was it....

This could be the same thing:


Thank for the welcome sb56637! :)

That product description looks quite absurd. I think they got something mixed up there. The photos only show a Trustfire F20 (see the AA battery) and the description is about a completely different light (lens diamter: 44.9mm, weight: 184g). I don't even think the real item is a LumaPower MRV, because that would be a real great price.

I think we'll have to wait a lil' more.

Mind you, the description reads "LumaPowel" ;)

Hi all I bought the Ultrafire X1 from Manafont.

This light has Memory Mode(Switched off on Low) You need to wait for

1Minute and 20 seconds.

High - Low- strobe.

Then it starts on High

Not as good or bright as the Skyray S-A5 XPE

I told Manafont about the issue, they have not changed the product description.

If i had have known about the memory mode, would not have bought it.

Thanks for the update How2. Long mode memory is worse than none at all. I hope they get that fixed. I would suspect that it varies a lot per sample, though.

This light has Memory Mode(Switched off on Low) You need to wait for

This is a common problem with chinese mode "memory". In fact, I would expect memory lights to be worthless unless told otherwise.

That's why I started this http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/628

I'd like to get a compact 18650 light and was looking at the neutral white Shiningbeam S-Mini, but it seems like I could get this for $15 and put a neutral XP-G ($6.41) and a 3-mode driver ($3.19) in it and have something similar (plus a clip!) for half the price. Could you tell me if this light has a 17mm driver?

Manafont has them for $15, but this eBay seller has them for $12. But eBay says it is a AAA/10440 light, which I don't think is right unless the pictures are bogus, because based on the clip it seems like is 18650.


I had the same situation with a different ebay dealer (don't remember the name): He offered an Ultrafire X1 (with the same pictures as the ones in your link) for a great price, but the description said AAA/10440 battery. I contacted him and he said he was selling an "oem version which indeed works with aaa batteries".

Moral of the story: the pictures ARE bogus, don't buy! You might want to contact and ask him. If you do please let us know what he says.

I sent a question to the seller. Not sure I'll get an answer, but we'll see.

Hi Bred

The Ebay seller sells the ultrafire X1 that takes aaa or10440. This pics are wrong in the ebay seller discription.

Manafont sells the ultrafire x1 thta sells the 18650 battery.

This is the 18650 tail cap from manafont. The driver is 17mm .

Thanks, how2! Looks like Manafont is the way to go for a 18650-size X1. Though the little one is kind of cute . . .

Got a response from eBay seller, yallstock:

[QUOTE]Thank you for your inquiry.
It's our honor to serve for you.

I'm sorry we don't have this type of item
that you want to purchase.
If you have any questions,pls do not hesitate
to contact us.[/QUOTE]

So it looks like that auction is for the AAA version, not the 18650 version. I'd rather deal with Manafont anyway.

In regards of the s-mini vs. modding the X1...

Brted, I say go for it (modding the X1, that is...). Even without good pics or accurate info, odds are the driver is 17mm (crap, just noticed How2 confirmed this). Even if it's slightly smaller, you can shave a mm off of the 1.4a SB driver (if that's the one you're thinking of using). Also, in most cases the pill can be improved upon. Simple things like using heatsink compound ( my new EDI-T had none), and centering the emitter are easy to do. It'll cost less, and you'll have the satisfaction of doing it yourself . If you need a hand, give me a shout.

Crud...now I want one to mod/play with...

I've got an L2p on the way right now, so once it arrives (trying to pace myself), I will probably buy the X1 and LED. I already have a 1050mA AK-47 driver looking for a home. It won't be as good as the S-mini, but it should be close. In the meantime, I reserve the right to change my mind and get the S-mini or snap out of it and get neither. The hard part is reading reviews and at CPF people are loving their S-minis. I doubt the neutral ones will last long.