UltraOK Technology Cree Q5

Here's my latest toy that cost me $13 shipped to my door. It's rated at 400 lumens. Don't know if that is correct, nor do I care. I just know this baby will throw a beam a long ways. I'll have to get a nite shot when I can maybe Monday nite.






LumaPower MRV clone but much cheaper. Nice light ;)

Can we see some outdoor beam shots

I'll post some later tonite hopefully. Had to work all weekend.

does that light also take other batteries besides 18650s… I cant see right now Im a work.

Where you have bought it?



And it was $13.99 instead.

Here's a beam shot at nite from the guy I bought that light from that sold me on the light.

Ok here's some nite shots.

This is about 80yds to the shed.

This is about 40yds.

Looks like a sweet deal on a serious thrower! Whats the deal with the gold colored thing? Is it a heat sink or just an accent color?

That's what the head and the body screw in to. Don't know if it's for looks or for a purpose.

nice one :D

I was watching that flashlight and waiting if someone will get it before me to see review...and Its almost half price from simular purpose throw lights.

Do you have any other thrower to compare it?spot or distance ?even better if there are some beamshots :D

Its a damn good price for an MRV clone and I'd grab one myself if it wasn't for that gold...(yuk)......

Any chance you could post some pics of it disassembled?

Would you like some doughnuts and milk to go with that? Just kidding!

Your wish is my command.

"Would you like some doughnuts and milk to go with that? "

Hmmm.... Maybe those little coconut covered doughnuts :)