Ultratac A7 AAA XP-G2 Tail clicky. $10.99 before 7% discount,


Not sold by Ultratac so buy wisely. At least you get Amazon back up.

Hate to dig up a old thread :FACEPALM: but I searched for a review on this light and can’t find one anywhere. This thread did how ever pop up in a google search. So does anyone have one of these lights. Interested in the modes. Amazon description says it has high, low and strobe. Is it a hidden strobe or in the main UI and does it start in low or high?

I think theres another thread on blf about this, I’ll see if I can find the link

oops disregard, that was the AA model

I have one. Yes it is High, Low, Strobe. No the strobe isn’t hidden. Next mode memory if turned back on within 5 seconds. After 5 seconds it just starts back in high. Beam and tint are nice. Same build quality as the A1. Can’t tail stand. Haven’t done a true run time test on it but it does last quite some time on low, which is what I usually use it on around the house. There are better AAA lights, the Zanflare F3 being one but, it is much smaller than the F3. In both length and diameter.

Hi, but this flashlight is Aidier or ultratac?

The one I got from them was UltraTac A7 as in the picture. Aidier must be a resaler of Ultratac.

Thanks for information but strangely it isn’t in the official Ultratc list.!!!